What Are the Best Male Enhancement Products to Buy in 2018?

Using enhancement products are undeniably needed particularly if you have problems or intend to improve the erectile function. Moreover, it is also about increasing the sexual desire as well as size the penis more.

Actually, this matter is not something new. Since the ancient times, males indeed have been put so many efforts by using herbs and traditional recipes from natural ingredients.

In this modern day, what to be consumed should be more efficacious and practical like some products manufactured by the medication industries. The options are numerous there and you may sometimes find it confusing to choose one of them. Well, for the best male enhancement products, here are the recommendations.

#1 – MaleExtra

It is basically not a secret that the sexual functions may decrease along with the ages. Sadly, even some young men must be suffered from these problems as well due to so many factors. Some of the common factors are unhealthy lifestyle, illness, and fatigue.

MaleExtra then comes to the market as a solution to sexual problems for men of any age. There are some main problems that can be solved by consuming this product regularly. They are the better erections, longer lasting, the enhancement of sexual stamina, finding more confidence in bed, and more intensive orgasms.

The ingredients to form MaleExtra are guaranteed to be safe and even each of them is very advantageous. First, there is the L-Arginine HCL, a kind of amino acid that is effective in term of enhancement. Meanwhile, it also increases the amount of sperm produced. Aside from sexual matters, this ingredient is also good for some other health problems including balancing the blood pressure.

Second, this supplement also contains pomegranate. This fruit is not only rich of antioxidant but also able to improve your stamina. Some problems regarding male reproduction system can also be overcome with it including prostate cancer and premature ejaculation.

Third, another type of amino acid is available here, namely L-Methionine. It is functioned to lower down the content of histamine in the body. Therefore, the premature ejaculation can just be prevented. Fourth, there is Cordyceps, a type of fungi to improve your stamina and the sexual function. For centuries, this plant is used by the men to add their confidence in sexuality.

Despite those four main ingredients, there are some more including Niacin and Zinc that are recommended to prevent and heal fatigue and enhance the quality of testosterone.

It is not without any reason why those ingredients have multiple merits for your health particularly in the area of reproduction systems. In fact, they contain so much nutrition needed by our body including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, and still many more.

Some of the vitamins above are good to balance your metabolism system and it gives direct effect to your sexual performance. While the others, they are rich in antioxidant to improve the cells so that some sexual problems can just be healed only in short period of the consumption.

In general, this product works very naturally after being consumed to avoid any bad side effect. Make sure to take the pill once a day around 2 hours before sexual activities. For the score, this supplement got 9.2 or highly recommended.

#2 – VigRX Plus

Another great product to improve your sexuality is VigRX plus. Similar to what MaleExtra does, it also helps you to solve some sexual problems as well as enhance the size and the performance.

This supplement is good to be consumed by anyone of any age. It is even no matter you actually have the problems or not. In fact, when you are in a healthy condition, you can just consume it under the recommended dosage for the improvement.

So, how can VigRX work very well? Thanks to many ingredients contained; some of them are natural plants that are tested for decades to be effective for male sexuality. The most featured ingredient is horny goat weed. Okay, this is a kind of weed that is indeed popular for the ability to make the consumers horny. That’s why; it is called this way.

Horny goat weed is effective to improve your sexual desire and add the stamina. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to improve the quality of sperms and help you to reach more intense orgasms. Next, there is Gingko Biloba. This ingredient is indeed known for years to improve your brain’s performance. But do you know that it is also good to enhance the desire? Well, that’s why it is added here.

Hawthorn Berry and Tribulus Terrestis are other natural herbs found as the content of this product. Both are effective for the size enlargement and make the performance are longer lasting. Moreover, those ingredients are also functioned to prevent from diseases including the prostate cancer.

Of course, there are still many other minor ingredients that are good for male sexuality. The ingredients are rich in vitamin, protein, and mineral needed by your body to improve the sexuality and health in general. Those are picked and imported from many areas in the world to make this product work much better.

There is almost no report regarding the side effects. Sure, it is as long as the consumers take it based on the suggested dosage. For you with sexual problems and expecting to repair it, take the pills twice a day. While if you are already good and expecting to keep and improve it, just take a pill per day. For the score, it is 9.2 or highly recommended.

#3 – VigFX

VigFX is on the third rank in this list. This product is focused on the penis enhancement. Although the size becomes the main concern here, it doesn’t mean that it cannot cover any other functions. In fact, when the vital organ is in the better conditions, it can just influence the sexual performance including increasing the energy and testosterone levels.

It is so good that VigFX also uses some natural herbs as the main ingredients. Meanwhile, the additional chemical substances are also limited to minimize the possible side effects. So, what are the ingredients?

First, it has Epimedium leaf extract. Believe it or not, this plant has a merit to give you the harder and better erection than ever. Even in the normal condition, your penis can look bigger also. Second, there is Damiana. In general, this plant is good for the body development. But especially for the male sexuality, it is a very effective booster for the testosterone. Automatically, the desire can just be improved also.

Third, VigFX also contains Gingko Biloba, again, to make the consumers more desired. Since this ingredient has abilities also to enhance the brain performance and body health entirely, it simply makes your stamina much better.

Fourth, there is the rare red ginseng that has many functions to repair the damaged cells in your body. As a result, it helps you to heal and prevent problems like the erectile dysfunctions. Interestingly, dangerous diseases like prostate cancer can be avoided as well.

The ingredients mentioned above are not the only things contained in the VigFX. There are some other herbs you may have never heard before. Let’s say Saw Palmetto, Muira Pauma, Catuba Bark, and still many more. All of them are found in various areas all around the world. Each of them is believed by the local people to have efficacious merits for the sexuality.

Consume it twice a day if you have sexual problems. If you just want to make it better, once a day is enough. The effects may vary for the consumers. The score for this product is 8.8.

#4 – Prosolution Gel

If you for some reasons avoid consuming pills or edible supplements, this one can be the best choice. This is Prosolution Gel. As it is in the form of gel, the way to apply it is just by smearing it on your penis regularly. So, what are the benefits of using this product?

The gel is able to enlarge your penis size naturally just by smearing it regularly. The results are also permanent. In other words, you can still find the new size even if you have not smeared it for some periods of time. In many reviews and testimonials from users, the average of enlargement is around 4 cm only in a month.

More than that, it also improves the performance including making it longer lasting. The gel is simply absorbed. This way just stimulates the nerves and muscles around the genital areas and makes you feel more desired.

How can this cream be magically beneficial? There are certainly regarding the ingredients used as the content. It mainly has gingko biloba, a tree from China that has been clinically proven to give good effects to your body. One of them is to strengthen the sexual performance and heal the erectile dysfunction.

The next one is Gingerol. Gingerol is the active part of the ginger. It is really great to boost the libido. When this extract is smeared on the penis, it is believed that the function can work faster so that the merit can be felt earlier as well. Since Gingerol is good to boost the libido, well, you can just imagine how it is good for your sexuality.

The extract of Muira Puama is added here. This Brazilian plant basically has multiple benefits for your body’s health. Particularly in term of sexuality, it works very effectively to solve problems including the erectile dysfunctions. Moreover, it increases the desire and stamina as well as increase the sperm production. It means that this extract is beneficial for the fertility.

Sure, there are still some other additional ingredients to make this gel works much better. When applying it, you don’t need to add anything else including water. Just apply it regularly at least once a day even when you are inactive in sexual activities. For all the benefits given, the score of this gel is 8.1.

#5 – Prosolution Plus

The producer of this product actually has two variants; they are Prosolution Pills and Prosolution Plus. It is clear enough that Prosolution Plus is an upgrade to the regular Prosolution Pills. So if you want the “total package” with cutting-edge formulation, it is Prosolution Plus that should be bought.

Prosolution Plus is another edible supplement to solve various problems regarding sexuality. But it is not only for the problematic males for sure. Even if you think you are healthy and powerful enough in bed, you can just consume it and feel the improvement.

The formula applied in this supplement is very unique. They are also claimed to be safe even for a long-term consumption. Every capsule contained of various high levels vitamins and minerals. The entire nutrition is indeed needed by our body to make us feel much healthier. As a result, the sexuality can just work better as well.

So, here is the composition of Prosolution Plus; vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, arginine, cisteine, carnitine, zinc, and magnesium. From vitamin A to folic acid, they are actually general nutrition and supplements needed for anybody. All of them are good to improve your body system and metabolism.

Of course, those vitamins also have direct relationships with the health of your reproduction system. For the examples; there are vitamin C and E that are functioned as the antioxidant. They can just repair and improve the damage cells including the spermatozoa. When the spermatozoa are qualified, the sperms produced are increased and not easily killed.

Meanwhile, arginine, cisteine, and carteine are the components of proteins that are good to improve your stamina as well as playing important roles in terms of penis enhancement and giving more energy.

Unfortunately, many of the content are not found from the natural ingredients. Or maybe, there is only a little information regarding this matter so that the users cannot be acknowledged more. For some people, the lack of natural ingredients in the supplements is just risky. Therefore, the score for this product is only 7.5 although the results are very impressive.


It is not something difficult to fix some sexual problems as well as improve it if you are just still not satisfied. Make sure to consume only trusted supplement products to avoid any further problems. Well, all of the products mentioned above are highly recommended. But if you still find it so confusing, of course, the top of the list will be the best.

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