Tengenix Review – Forget What You Read Elsewhere, They’re Mostly Garbage!

There are many men who want a large penis and this makes manufacturers compete to create penis enlargement supplements and they say that it is an herbal product but you should not immediately believe it. This article will discuss one of the famous supplements and see if the supplement works or not.

The Fake Review

Now before you buy a product, you will read the opinions of consumers who have used the product but it turns out that the assessment is not necessarily correct. Psychology expert Adrian Camilleri said that a credible assessment was an assessment involving consumers and advice from experts in the field. Recent surveys conducted in the United States and Australia prove that 70-80% of people will read a review before using a service or product. This is because consumers are very confident in the ratings of other consumers.

There was a surprising thing in 2015 because consumer institutions in Australia said that 15% of the reviews on the internet were fake. This makes many people concerned because the company pays people to write a good assessment of the product on the internet. Amazon is the biggest buying and selling site that has used algorithms to eliminate fake reviews. This site looks at word patterns created by certain accounts in certain ways.

Adrian said that consumers must also understand the ratings given by other consumers so that you have to compare some of these assessments with the assessments provided by experts. Experts will assess a service or product based on objective criteria. Consumers only assess products or services based on popularity and brand of goods.

There are several factors that can be used to see whether the review is false or not. You can see that the review has only a few samples and you cannot trust the assessment. You cannot rely on consumer opinions but you must rely on both sources. The source is the consumer's opinion and the assessment of the experts. Maybe you only see opinions that are too extreme, such as criticizing and praising because there are many people who have normal experience when using these products so they do not write a review.

There are sites that can help you to see fake reviews like Reviewmeta and Fakespot. This site can analyze and make new judgments. You cannot be pessimistic because there are many fake reviews. There are many honest reviews with good details that can help you to buy goods. You need information about the author of the previous review so you can get the right answer.

This article will discuss one of the many products using the fake review namely Tengenix. Before discussing the weaknesses of this product, the following is a review of the product. Maybe this review can open your eyes that manufacturers use dirty ways to market products. They don't care about consumer benefits.

Tengenix Review

One of the things to watch out for and deal with fake reviews is Tengenix. This product is a new sensation on the internet. This is a male supplement that claims to increase penis size. There are many online websites that say that this is a trusted product to get a satisfying penis size in a safe way, but you must know that penis size cannot be manipulated simply by taking supplements. This is a true fact. There are many penis enlargement products that are not in demand on the market even though they have involved many researchers to produce products with patents.


This product has been registered by a company located in Delaware. This company is named Penta Media LLC. The development and research conducted by this company prove that this is a legal product and even research at the final stage states that this product is very successful. The study chose the subject to do the test and see if the sample got results that matched this product. They claim that the research was successful and this is a perfect product.


This product guarantees that consumers will get many benefits. Sexual performance and libido will increase. The size of the penis will increase and there is an increase in your sexual desire because your body releases pheromones. You can control orgasm.


This product uses essential amino acids to increase nitric oxide in the blood. Tengenix also uses Tongkat Ali to increase the size of the male penis. Even this product uses ingredients to produce high testosterone levels in your body. Amino acids contained in this product are claimed to stimulate arteries to increase blood flow. Tribulus Terrestris is also widely used by athletes to form beautiful muscles. Maca Root is used to increase sexual desire.

Ways of Working

You must ask about this product's work experience. The ingredients in this product are grouped into three. The vasodilator is the first part used to improve the circulation of blood in the penis. This product uses testosterone boosters to increase pheromone release and libido. This makes men's stamina increase with high sexual endurance. Manufacturers claim that this is an extraordinary product for men. Manufacturers mix some ingredients with the right ratio to create great ingredients. These ingredients can produce tangible benefits.

Tengenix Review - Forget What You Read Elsewhere, They're Mostly Garbage!

Is Tengenix Scam?

Yes. You can see from the website that sells this product. Many people are suspicious about the validity of the product and the authenticity of the review. If you read the review, then you will find the fact that many reviews are not real. Many reviews are too excessive and say that this product works perfectly. Manufacturers say that this product has been clinically tested but they do not provide complete information about the details of the test.

This is a bad thing because this manufacturer is related to the fake review described above. Fake reviews will definitely harm consumers. You should check a few things before buying this product because the fact is that penis enlargement supplements cannot work great. This will not surprise you because the size of the penis cannot exceed your capacity. The review also does not explain the realistic effect. This makes many people do not believe in this product.

Side Effects

This supplement can give you unexpected effects so you should consult a doctor. You can show the composition of the ingredients used in this product. The doctor can analyze whether this product is safe for you. Maybe this supplement can also cause a bad reaction when you take certain medications. Increased blood flow can make blood pressure low and this is a bad thing when you take blood pressure medication.

The Danger of Tengenix

If you are tempted by a penis enlargement supplement, then you must read the facts below. There are many advertisements for products that can increase the size of your penis. There is little scientific evidence that non-different methods can increase penis size. Leading medical organizations do not support evidence for these supplements. Surgeons from trusted institutions will not dissect your penis only for cosmetic matters. You have to think twice about taking this supplement.

Normal Penis Size

Maybe you are afraid when you see your penis size is too small and you are worried that the size cannot make your partner satisfied. Research shows that most men who feel that they have a penis that is too small turn out to have a normal size penis. There are many studies that show that men are overreacting about the size of the penis.

The length of a normal penis that does not have an erection is 13 cm. The size is 5 inches longer when the penis is upright and hard. The penis that is considered abnormal or small is a penis with a size less than 3 inches when the penis has an erection. This condition is called a micropenis.

Feelings of Couples Seeing Penis Size

A foolish curse makes you believe that the size of a small penis cannot satisfy your partner even though your partner does not only care about the size of the penis. There are many couples who do not make this a major factor. Many couples don't think about size because sex isn't just about size. This is an emotional connection.

If you are really worried about this, then you can talk about it with your partner. You must remember that understanding your partner's desires is the key to the success of your sexual relationship. You may not trust the ad. Maybe these ads promote this supplement with a serious look but you have to look for scientific facts. Scientific researchers can help you to see products objectively.

Claims of effectiveness and safety may not be proven by this product. Manufacturers only rely on slanted data that has a lot of irregularities. Manufacturers can make fake reviews easily because they only need to pay people with some money to make consumers believe this supplement. Manufacturers also use prior and after photos that are doubtful of authenticity because they can be manipulated easily. Manufacturers do not need certificates from the Food and Drug Administration so producers do not need to prove that this product is effective and safe.

Ineffective Ads

This supplement is not advertised in an effective way so you can experience permanent damage to your penis. Some manufacturers say that lotions and pills can increase penis size because they contain hormones, herbs, minerals, and vitamins. The fact is that none of these pills can enlarge the penis. This supplement is actually harmful to your health.

There are other advertisements that promote vacuum pumps even though the pump will dance blood to the penis in an unnatural way so that your penis is swollen. This is only used for erectile dysfunction but normal men don't need this pump. This pump can indeed make the penis become large in a short time but daily use can damage your penis. The penis has elastic tissue that can be damaged and make erections not strong. Maybe you can fail to achieve an erection because of this pump.

There are advertisements that say that you can do exercises to enlarge the penis. This is exercise by pushing the blood towards the base of the penis. This is done with your hands. Maybe this technique seems safer than other methods but you will be surprised because this exercise cannot be scientifically proven. There is no scientific research that shows that this exercise can work to make the penis big. This exercise can cause disability, pain, and scars.

Stretching is done by using a lengthening device. This tool is called penile traction to gently press the penis. Research reports that this method can increase the length of the penis to 2 inches longer than before but this method requires greater research and there are some dangerous risks when you do this.

Risk Surgery

There are surgical techniques that are indeed used to make the penis become long but this is related to patient safety. Maybe you can only do surgery such as dividing the suspensory ligaments by inches from the usual size. This method can also fail and cause complications such as loss of function or sensation, scarring, and infection. The method for dissecting the penis to a large extent should not be done only for cosmetic purposes. This is a surgical procedure that can only be performed by men with abnormal penis size.

The need for penile surgery is rare because this is usually done by men with penile injuries or birth defects. There may be some experts who offer this method with other techniques, but many people consider it unnecessary because it can cause dangerous and permanent risks. This is experimental surgery because there are no strong studies that can provide a clear picture of the benefits and risks of this surgery.

Final Verdict

The final conclusion is that Tengenix is only an assumption. There are many consumers who have tried this product but they have not experienced good things to prove. Claims from this product are not proven. The company does claim that this product has been through research and clinical studies but apparently, this is only used for advertising. They don't really test this product clinically. They use these words only to attract consumers. This is a bad way to sell a product. Consumers who believe in a fake review will get a loss. You may not buy this product because the clinical studies conducted by this product cannot be trusted and get a lot of doubt from consumers.

You should turn to herbal products that provide real evidence for you. The product is Male Extra. This product is proven to be made from natural ingredients and occupies the first position in various reviews from trusted websites. This product works by bringing together natural ingredients to raise the penis in a safe and healthy way. These ingredients can increase blood flow to the penis so you can get a bigger size with a satisfying orgasm.

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