Rexazyte Review – Why the Hype, Really, I Don’t Get It

Various techniques have been already used in order to treat Erectile Dysfunction or ED and also enlarge the human’s penis. Usually, those techniques involve an elongation and stretching with a small weight. It is also able to use the flow or pressure of blood inside the penis. Besides those techniques mentioned, consuming the male enhancement pills can also be used in order to enlarge the penis. There are a lot of enhancement pills being offered nowadays with their own claims, one of them is Rexazyte.

About RexaZyte

RexaZyte is a pill for male enhancement which is produced by one manufacturer brand called Cybex Biotech. One bottle of this male enhancement pill contains 60 pills in the form of a capsule. A bottle of RexaZyte costs about $39.95 and it claims it will last for 30 sessions. But if you look further for any information about this brand, you will find nothing. The website does not show any legal or official name of the manufacturer. The location of the manufacturer is not even disclosed.

On the other hand, it is a must to show that kind of information for any USA manufacturers or companies. However, Cybex Biotech is not registered in the company registers or search database. And if you browse the website of RexaZyte male enhancement pill, you will find the reasons why the manufacturer is very secretive. The website is fulfilled with the fake health reviews, fake claims, and real lies. In a short word, the website if full with a scam.

The consumers of this male enhancement pills are promised several unrealistic effects. RexaZyte promises to treat a premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive. Moreover, this product from Cybex Biotech also promises the consumers that it will be able to cause a permanent growth of penis if they use RexaZyte regularly. This male enhancement pill claims that the penis will be longer for about 4 inches to 5 inches after 10 weeks the consumers use it.

Moreover, the marketing strategy on the website of RexaZyte uses very rude and cruel language. It directly tries to make men with small size penis ashamed. In whoever’s eyes, this kind of thing is surely unprofessional for a manufacturer. There is also an affiliated website saying that this product of male enhancement pill is included in the top rated list of Ron Jeremy. But as we look further into the website, we find that it takes a benefit from the sale. In other words, this website is paid to make a good review about RexaZyte.

The Claims Made About RexaZyte

Here are the claims which are made about this product of male enhancement pill.

  1. It is able to cause a permanent penile enlargement for 4 inches to 5 inches if the users consume the product regularly for 10 weeks.
  2. RexaZyte is an effective supplement to cure and treat erectile dysfunction.
  3. Able to increase the level of sex drive.
  4. It is able to treat and cure a premature ejaculation.
  5. It is able to help the consumers last longer during their sexual activities.
  6. RexaZyte promises the consumers to have an erection which is longer, bigger, and harder.
  7. The product is able to make a quicker erection. And the consumers do not have to be afraid of an erectile dysfunction.
  8. It is able to make a quicker recovery time between intercourses. So that the consumers are able to have more intercourses.
  9. This male enlargement pill promises the consumers to have a larger and longer penis.

However, those claims about RexaZyte is all false and fake, except for the ability to raise the level of sex drive of the consumers.

The Cons of RexaZyte

Below are the cons of RexaZyte male enhancement pill:

  1. It is not available offline. RexaZyte is only sold online. It is surely doubting to buy any medicines online since medicines are related to and influence the health so that it is really important. Knowing that this brand of male enhancement pill is only sold online, it will only literally raise your doubt.
  2. The product does not have any guarantee to give the consumers an erection. It is also not guaranteed to make it easier for the consumers to gain an erection.
  3. RexaZyte will not be able to cause a permanent growth of the penis as it claims.
  4. The brand will not be able to add the amount of time for a man to last longer during an intercourse.
  5. There is no guarantee of a refund if the product does not work. Most male enhancement pills offer this kind of warranty.
  6. The product uses a proprietary mixture in order to cover the number of individual ingredients.
  7. There is no information about the dose of the ingredients used by the product.
  8. There is absolutely nothing about any information about the Cyber Biotech as the company that produces RexaZyte.
  9. It is related to the interactions of a drug and causing several negative side effects.

Based on the cons of RexaZyte mentioned above, you are suggested not to buy the product.

Rexazyte Review – Why the Hype, Really, I Don’t Get It

The Negative Side Effects of RexaZyte

Everybody including you surely wants to make sure and know about the safety of any supplement before you consume it. So that looking at the ingredients used by this product, you have to know that RexaZyte is not a hundred percent safe and natural. This brand of male enhancement pill does not contain pure, natural, and safe ingredients. Even, the ingredients used are able to cause the negative side effects that can be felt by the consumers. Based on the ingredients used in the formula, the negative side effects caused are indigestion, increased heartbeats, hot flash, and heartburn. Moreover, the product is probably able to cause the prostate disorders such as Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or BPH. It is also able to make prostate cancer becomes worse.

The negative side effects mentioned are possible to be felt by some consumers. But other typical consumers may not experience the side effects.

Does RexaZyte Really Work?

After reading those all information stated above, you probably are not surprised to know that RexaZyte male enhancement pill does not work. At least, it does not work just as the manufacturer claims it would be. This product is not helpful in treating a premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. RexaZyte will not even able to make the penis larger or bigger permanently.

If you look at the website of the brand, you will find a disclaimer at the bottom part of the website that says the statements or the claims are not evaluated yet by the Food and Drug Administration. It also says that the product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any illness. And every person may feel different results.

That disclaimer is basically a confession of the fake claims and advertising. It is a legal requirement for any manufacturers or brands that make the fake and unfounded health advertising or claims which cannot be proven. That disclaimer will protect the manufacturers from being sued for the fake claims and advertising. Because the technically confess and admit that everything they say is false.

But, it is found that RexaZyte may be beneficial to increase the level of libido of the consumers. There is an ingredient used in the formula which is called Maca Root that shows a promising result to increase the level of sex drive. And it is already tested.

The Ingredients of RexaZyte

Here are the ingredients contained in a bottle of RexaZyte male enlargement supplement.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris. It is the main stimulating ingredient contained. It has a characteristic to increase the level of testosterone and a strong extract of a hormone.
  2. L-Arginine. It is able to help the enlargement of penis quicker.
  3. L-Citrulline. It is actually a natural amino acid in the body. It is able to open 2 chambers of the penis so that other ingredients are able to get into the penis and make it harder and larger.
  4. Long Jack. It is a strong sexual stimulant that is found in Asia. This ingredient has the ability to increase the men’s sexual vitality.
  5. Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. This ingredient is able to release nitric acid so that a better blood flow will go to the penis. As the result, the penis will be harder and bigger.
  6. Tribulus Aquaticus. This ingredient is able to raise the level of testosterone in a different path from Tribulus Terrestris. Combined with Tribulus Terrestris, Tribulus Aquaticus will be beneficial to make the penis stronger.

However, the dose of the ingredients contained in RexaZyte above is not mentioned in the bottle. So that we do not know whether the ingredients have the right amount to make the claims come true. Moreover, it is not known yet if those ingredients used are already clinically tested.

About the Clinically Tested Claim

Cybex Biotech as the manufacturer of RexaZyte states that its product and the ingredients used are already clinically tested. But this does not specifically mean that this male enhancement pill itself is already clinically tested to cause a penile growth or prevent a premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It may be not too surprising that this product does not have any clinical test.

There is a clinical test of the main ingredients of RexaZyte and it is found that there were a few clinical studies performed. But most of the clinical studies conclude that there is no ingredient contained in this brand of male enhancement pill which is able to cause any penile enlargement, especially the permanent one, or cure a premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It is assumed that Cybex Biotech does not rely on anyone to look further into those particular clinical studies.

There is one ingredient contained in RexaZyte named Butea Superba. There is no scientist or study that is able to conclude that this ingredient is helpful for enlarging a penis. Moreover, the ingredients contained in the formula of this male enhancement pill are not suitable for the vegans and vegetarians. And people who are suffered from the heart problems or high blood pressure are not suggested to consume this product.

The Reasons Why You Should Not Buy RexaZyte

First of all, this product of male enhancement pill is able to cause the negative side effects which have already been mentioned above. RexaZyte is also related to the drug interactions. You surely do not want to experience any side effects when you consume any supplement. Especially if the side effects influence your health.

There is certainly no photos or pictures as an evidence which show that a man gains any benefit after they consume this pill just like the product claims. Some fake and false reviews about this product are even found. And those reviews are paid or taking benefits from the sale. If you look for the real reviews from the consumers on the online shop platforms, you will find a lot of people give their bad reviews and complains about this brand of male enhancement pill. There are even some men who say that they do not notice any change in their sexual lives or improve their sexual activities.

RexaZyte does not use the proper and right ratio of the ingredients used in the formula. The dosage of the ingredients contained is not even stated.

Moreover, there is no clear information about the manufacturer as well. Cybex Biotech is not registered in any company search database. You surely do not want to consume any supplement produced by an unclear company. There is even a disclaimer saying that the claims made by the manufacturer for the male enhancement supplement are evaluated by the Administration of Food and Drugs. A good product will not have this kind of disclaimer such as Male Extra male enhancement supplement. Male Extra is a widely recommended male enlargement pill that does not have any complaint.

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