Rexadrene Reviews – If You Think They’re Genuine, Think Again!

Perhaps you have heard about the famous male enhancement supplement brand called Rexadrene, and now you might have searched for articles with Rexadrene Reviews as their main content on Google. Well, searching for the reviews of Rexadrene is a pretty easy thing to do, and it is guaranteed that by the time you press the “Enter” button after typing the keyword, tons of sites which review things about the supplement will start to appear on your screen. However, are those reviews really honest about the pills? But first, what are things you should know about Rexadrene? But first, do you know what a male enhancement really is, and who are the people who need such a thing? Well, stick around if you are curious in order to get more info regarding the topics already mentioned!

What is male enhancement?

The most common way to describe the male enhancement is that it is a list of methods to enlarge the male sexual organ, although it is not limited to that. It is an attempt to increase the size of your penis, as well as to improve your sexual performance. These are achieved by either using a tool to perform as a penile enhancement, consuming supplements which contain beneficial ingredients to supplement your body in order to gain an increase in the size of the penis and a better performance during sex, or by exercising.

People who should use male enhancement are those who are feeling insecure about the size of the penis or those who have limited stamina during sex. However, it should be noted that it should never be treated as a cure, because male enhancement is merely a way to assist you to fix the disorder, a medication by doctors should be prioritized. So, what is the male enhancement supplement called Rexadrene?

What is Rexadrene?

For you who have never heard about the supplement, this part of the article will tell you what it really is. According to many sources, Rexadrene is a pill which functions as a supplement in order to assist you to gain a bigger size of male sexual organ, or penis. The sexual performance and the size of the sexual organ are the two things men always wish to put an improvement on. The reason is simple, a better sexual performance and a bigger size of sexual organ always give women a higher degree of sexual satisfaction.

Rexadrene comes to the attention of the people who wish for the two things mentioned earlier, and the supplement created several claims which sound amazing at first, but if we examine the claims made by the company more carefully, the claims are rather pompous to be true. Well, if you wish to know what the claims are, you can find them below!

Claims made by Rexadrene

The first claim made by the manufacturer of the pill is that Rexadrene claims to provide you an improvement that makes your orgasm to have a better quality than before, to make it more intense, and makes your orgasm more enjoyable for you and your partner alike. The next claim is the pill makes you able to perform a stronger thrust using your penis and able to satisfy your partner easier by the power of the thrust you perform after consuming the supplement.  Also, it is claimed that the erection of your penis can be maintained longer, as long as you wish to without any other drug consumption. And the last claim made Rexadrene is that you can gain an erection with a high degree of intensity, or a rock hard erection, any time you want. There are many of the Rexadrene Reviews stated that the pill is able to bring you these, but most of the reviews found on Amazon regarding the pill are negative!

Are these claims true?

Well, although there are several reviews about Rexadrene stated that the supplement gives them the results the desired, we still need to be skeptical whether they are valid and honest or not. Yes, it is already stated many times that the pill is said to work, but if you check out the reviews about the supplement in Amazon, you will find that the majority of the reviews are somewhat negative, some of them said that they gained not a single thing claimed by the product, even, there are few who bravely stated that Rexadrene merely gives you a placebo effect!

Although there are positive reviews made about Rexadrene, as already said earlier, you can see that there are negative reviews too. Most of the negative reviews criticize that the pill gave nothing. However, there are a few reviews that respond to the pill with an extremely negative tone, for example, there is one consumer who tried for the pill. However, not long after he and his partner started to have a sexual intercourse, the guy suddenly fainted! He is really furious because of that and told everyone not to consume this supplement at any cost.

Does that mean that the reviews fake and the reviews which positively endorse the pill not entirely honest? Well, there is no exact way to know whether a review is true or not, but since most of the positive reviews about the pill that found on various websites on the internet are so pompous and tend to create claims that make no sense, it is highly possible that most of them are fake reviews, or perhaps, the reviewers who made the reviews mentioned earlier are actually paid by a certain side. But who knows, right? Nevertheless, after we talk about Rexadrene Reviews, let’s check the facts about the said supplement that you might want to know!

Who manufactured Rexadrene?

According to its official site, the manufacturer which manufactured Rexadrene is a pharmaceutical company called Cybex Biotech. Contrary to the popularity which Rexadrene enjoys, Cybex Biotech is largely unknown by most of the citizen of the United States. The true identity of the company remains to be shrouded in mystery as it also provides no physical address anywhere. Fortunately, it provides us with a website which is cleverly designed to make our shopping experience better! However, if you visit the official website of MaleExtra after visiting Rexadrene, you will realize that although Rexadrene has a well-designed website, it is still inferior compared to the official website of MaleExtra, which provides a better but simpler design for guests and customers alike.

Rexadrene Reviews – If You Think They’re Genuine, Think Again!

The ingredients inside

Unfortunately, the company which manufactures Rexadrene does not provide us detailed and comprehensive information about the ingredients contained in each pill of the supplement. This kind of decision is considered to be extremely improper, even strange since most reputable manufacturers always write every ingredient they use in their products as detail as possible to prevent any lawsuit made by FDA. The reason why Cybex Biotex made this move is debatable, but it is possible that they are trying to minimize any chance that the exact formula they used to be leaked in public and copied by the competitors everywhere. However, Cybex Biotex does share the partial ingredients found inside Rexadrene, which are :

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca Root
  • Long Jack
  • Niacin/ Vitamin B3
  • Muira puama
  • Butea superba
  • L-Arginine Nitrate
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • L-Citrulline
  • Tribulus aquaticus
  • Long Pepper extract
  • Avina savina extract

After reading Rexadrene Reviews, you must be wondering how some of these ingredients work for your body in order to give a better quality in terms of size and erection of the penis. Well, we will provide you with the effects of some ingredients mentioned earlier. Stay around!

Some of the effects of the ingredients

This part of the article will only cover the effects provided by some of the ingredients contained inside Rexadrene, as some of the ingredients are highly dubious in providing any real effects if there are any. Now, without further ado, let’s see what the effects are!

Tongkat Ali is used by Rexadrene in order to provide the supplement with beneficial effects toward sexual performance. It is known to provide a higher level of testosterone production since it is a natural aphrodisiac. However, the effectivity of the supplement remains to be questionable since the manufacturer does not state clearly the exact number of Tongkat Ali extract is contained inside.

Horny Goat Weed can also be found inside the supplement, and it is also widely used by other male enhancement supplements in the market. The reason why Horny Goat Weed is widely used is that it is able to provide help in order to circulate the blood around your body, including into your penis. This can be beneficial to keep your erection as hard and as long as possible. However, the safety of this ingredient is often to be a subject of debate because it also causes your body to be dehydrated and makes your heartbeat to be significantly irregular. These effects could harm your body, so the dosage is highly regulated. But Rexadrene does not state how much of this herb inside it!

To increase the size of your penis, the supplement uses Long Jack, and the Rexadrene Reviews around the internet said that it is highly effective in doing the task. Although it has been used many years in Asia, the scientific proofs that back Long Jack as an effective herb to enlarge the size of penis are so few to be found, indicating that it is not likely to provide any effect for penile enlargement.

Tribulus terrestris and Tribulus aquaticus belong to the same family and they have similar beneficial effects for your body. The effects of these plants are numerous, but none of them are beneficial to create an improvement in your sexual performance. Although the company and the Rexadrene Reviews stated that these two ingredients can enhance the production of your testosterone, there is not much reliable evidence we can find to prove that they are actually effective.

Besides, some of the ingredients contained inside Rexadrene also work as PDE5 inhibitors, which have properties similar to the two most popular sex supplements used to cure erectile dysfunction on the market, which are Viagra and Cialis. These ingredients work with properties which can cause a vasodilating effect, or to make your blood circulation to be wider in order to make your blood to circulate throughout your body without any excessive effort. The consumption of PDE5 inhibitors is strictly regulated and you must contact your doctor before consuming it. However, it is unfortunate that the company which manufactured Rexadrene does not state clearly about how much of it inside the supplement.

Risks and side effects caused by Rexadrene

Although there are several Rexadrene Reviews that favor it, the supplement is still not free from side effects. Some unwanted effects might happen when consuming the supplement, whether instantly or takes time to occur. Well, these are the risks and side effects of consuming Rexadrene that you might want to know.

  • Vomiting
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Gout
  • Inflammation

Although some of them are common to be encountered when consuming a supplement for male enhancement, the risks that these effects might happen to you are severely more likely, because Rexadrene does not specify the exact number of ingredients that cause any of those side effects. By the way, it has been mentioned that there are Rexadrene Reviews that are negative and one of them said that the supplement causes him to pass out when on the bed. The reason for this to occur is that Rexadene contains properties that cause the blood level to be pumped up, similar to Viagra. However, the level exceeds the level of the person can sustain; therefore, it causes him to lose consciousness.

On the other hand, the ingredients inside Rexadrene may cause some people to suffer from several types of allergies caused by the herbs inside. Since the amount of the ingredient is not specified, your allergy could be worse when consuming it. It is highly advisable that you seek a better alternative if you are unsure about Rexadrene. There are several safe supplements that can be considered as an alternative, such as MaleExtra.

When asked about a safe but effective supplement as a way to enhance your sexual performance, MaleExtra is the answer you are most likely to receive from medical experts. If you visit the official site, you will find out that it contains several ingredients that are mostly similar to Rexadrene. However, MaleExtra gives you specific information about how much of each ingredient is contained inside it. The formula and ingredients are written in a high level of detail, which makes MaleExtra a safer alternative! Well, those are everything about Rexadrene Reviews and what makes MaleExtra better!

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