Did I Just BURN 38 lbs of My Belly Fat in 91 DAYS with PhenQ? TRUTH Revealed.

Did I Just BURN 38 lbs of My Belly Fat in 91 DAYS with PhenQ? TRUTH Revealed.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight you know how difficult it is. Sometimes I think the body sees dieting as a call to arms to pull up every craving possible, from meals you love to things you ordinarily won’t consider putting in your mouth. So it’s no longer news that dieting is hard, dieting without feeling like you’re walking around with a ton of brick on your back is almost impossible, or at least it was until the invention of diet pills.

Diet pills are tiny (or not so tiny) miraculous pills that take two thirds of the stress out of weight loss. Basically every adult knows that dieting is hard, weight loss pills make it wayyy easier, but… unfortunately there are so many fake pills out there that over promise and don’t deliver that the entire industry has been painted with the same bush. If you decide to stay away from diet pills I totally understand, a simple google search brings out so many negative results caused by the fact that the industry is full of so many fakes that if I didn’t know better I’ll stay away too.

But we know about myths and stereotypes and that more often than not they’re not true – but if you repeat something often enough people begin to take it as a fact. It falls on others to dispel these myths and stereotypes and I’ve decided to take on the wrong misconceptions about the weight loss pill industry – specifically PhenQ.

Do Genuine Diet Pills Exist?

Yes. Innovation and scientific breakthrough in many fields as well as technological advancement has led to the creation of genuine diet pills. I know this might be hard to believe but there are quite a number of diet pills that genuinely work. These products have been put through rigorous scientific tests and verified to be effective in facilitating weight loss. They are FDA approved and make weight loss possible with a lot less effort on the part of the consumer. Unfortunately, with the market saturated and dominated by the ineffective or outright fraudulent pills, these pills aren’t as common or easily obtainable as they should be.

And I’d like to change that, weight loss pills work, great weight loss pills are very effective. People just need to know about them and where to get these pills so they stop falling for charlatans on the internet that sell either ineffective or even poisonous pills in the name of weight loss help. I want to introduce people to weight loss pills that actually work, pills that are worth their weight in salt. I want to show you that PhenQ is one of the good guys

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a diet / weight loss pill that promises to make weight loss easier – like all other pills out there – but unlike them, PhenQ has over ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND great reviews! This was actually what I found really intriguing and was the deciding factor in my choice to go for it. Surely all of them cannot be lying?

Buy PhenQ USA has been tested and approved by GMP labs, so you can be quite sure that it is effective, but we’re not just going to take their word for it. We’re going to examine PhenQ’s ingredients and find out if they’re actually capable of enabling weight loss.

PhenQ Ingredients

There are 60 pills in a PhenQ bottle, each of which contain the following ingredients:

  • a-Lacys Reset
  • L-Carnatine Furmarate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Nopal
  • Capsimax Powder
  • Caffeine


Caffeine – keeps you Feeling Full and Raises your Stamina Levels

People generally think that they have to stop taking caffeinated drinks like coffee for effective weight loss to occur. I don’t know where they got that from but nothing can be further away from the truth. Caffeine is a very important component of energy drinks and weight loss products. It is a natural stimulant that’s capable of ensuring you stay alert & focused and reduces both tiredness & fatigue. It also has the capacity to help you avoid cravings because it leaves you feeling full while still improving thermogenesis – which is the feeling that helps you maintain a vigorous routine and exercise daily. Caffeine also improves your stamina levels and ensures you perform optimally throughout the day.

Capsimax Powder – Fat Searing Ingredient

This is a very strong combination of piperine caffeine and Vitamin B3 (Niacin) with capsicum (capsimax). Pirperine, which is basically black pepper has Thermogenic capabilities that helps with fat burning. Body fat melts naturally with increased thermogenesis because it prevents the further saturation of fat cells and ensures you lose weight.

Nopal – Control Cravings with Higher Fiber Content

This is a fiber rich cactus ingredient. Fiber is crucial in weight loss because it gives you the feeling of being full. You must have heard that you should ensure your meals are rich in fiber, especially when you have a naturally high appetite. With PhenQ, you’ll not feel the need to snack frequently or take as much junk food or drinks as you usually would.

Chromium Picolinate – Controls Blood Sugar Levels

This is a natural mineral present in legumes, veggies, whole grains and even meat. It has the capacity to control carbs and sugars, which are the two most prominent causes of weight gain. It also converts consumed carbs and sugar-rich food into energy, thus ensuring your blood sugar level is in check. With the energy it constantly provides the cells, there’ll be almost zero craving for more carbs and sugar

Calcium Carbonate – Burn Fat, Don’t Store It

You probably know or have been told that calcium gives stronger bones; what they didn’t tell you is that it’s also useful for body weight maintenance. With adequate calcium in your body, the cells will have no need for stored fats. The body won’t store as much fat as it usually does and it can even burn some of the already stored fat. Research has shown that a significant volume of fat is burnt when overweight people consume meals rich in calcium.

L-Carnitine Furmarate – Converts Fat into Energy

This is richly present in red meat, nuts and green vegetables. It helps your body stop storing fat and converts fat into energy, thus enhancing weight loss.

Is there any Science backing these Ingredients?

Yes, these ingredients (all of them) have been tested and certified to not only be safe for human consumption but also effective for weight loss. They are capable of burning saturated fats, accumulated in different parts of the body including the hips, thighs and abdominal region.

How Safe Is Phen-Q?

Unlike the ocean of untested pills out there, PhenQ is actually tested and proven. Plus, they’ve been around for a while. This is actually quite important because if they were selling low quality subpar products, they’ll have closed shop a long time ago.

So how safe is PhenQ? What are the benefits you’ll get from using PhenQ?

I’ll go into details below;

  • It is made from 100% natural ingredients and over the years, no severe side effects has been recorded by its users
  • It is made from ingredients that are actually capable of converting fat into energy, thus ensuring they are used up effortlessly by the body
  • It prevents the further production and accumulation of fat
  • It enhances energy levels, thus prompting you to engage in fat burning activities such as exercising
  • It reduces your appetite, thus limiting your craving for food; especially sugar-rich foods.
  • It is a clinically tested and approved weight loss solution capable of giving consumers the desired weight loss results needed.

How Does It Work? 

PhenQ pills work through a process known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis refers to the process by which the body burns excessive fat and uses it as fuel to power the body’s activities all day long. It is the fastest and most effortless way to burn fat.

PhenQ’s natural ingredients enhance your body’s metabolism rate thus ensuring that the body is in a state of thermogenesis at all times. This is a continuous process that basically leaves you more energized, active and happy.

Any Side Effects?

This was the most impressive thing I discovered during my research – there are no known side effects!! We have established that PhenQ is one of the best weight loss supplements available on the market today so if it had any significant side effects, it won’t have attained such acceptance and popularity. But how is it possible for a supplement to have no known side effects, simple – rigorous research.

Before and even after hitting the market, different competent health and scientific authorities carried out a series of clinical tests on PhenQ and were unable to identify one safety issue.

PhenQ has also been tested and approved by the FDA because it is made from 100% natural ingredients that are capable of enhancing the body’s metabolism and burning fat without posing any health risk.

Plus, there’s a lot of reviews online from people who have actually used and experienced varying degrees of success with PhenQ (pictures below). None of them reported any side effects!

But despite the fact that it has no recorded side effects, there are certain safety precautions that should be adhered to, just as you would with any other product. It is strongly advised that if any of the below apply to you, please stay away from PhenQ and all other weight loss pills.

  • If you are currently on another medication
  • If you are a minor under the age of 18 or an older adult aged 60 and beyond
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are still breastfeeding

These are the basic precautions for practically all kinds of medications


Burn HD Vs PhenQ

During my research into PhenQ, I came across this review and was almost discouraged from buying it until I got to the end and saw that it referred people to PhenQ’s major competitor – burn HD. This immediately raised red flags! Who wrote the review? Why were we being redirected to another product? What does the writer have to gain? If they had simply written their terrible review and let it go I may have been convinced, but the only people who disparage a product while selling another are usually agents of the first product and true to my suspicions I was able to confirm that that review was actually written by Burn HD’s agents! I’ve never been so disappointed. This is the dishonesty in the industry that we keep talking about.

This prompted me to further examine Burn HD and what I discovered was even more shocking – read on.

Burn HD is a product released under the company umbrella, Green Bracket by Diet spotlight.com. As implied by its name, it is supposed to help you burn fat and boost energy however, there’s more to Burn HD than what meets the eye.

Dietspotlight.com used to have a product that got lots of complaints and poor reviews from consumers. Instead of looking for ways to improve said product, they put the exact same ingredients in a different bottle, put a new label on it and called it Burn HD – this is a big shame for a brand as big as dietspotlight.com.

Does Dietspotlight’s Burn HD actually work? 

I haven’t used it but all things considered, I don’t think it does and here’s my reason:

It contains the exact same ingredients as their old product, Leptigen. All they did was change the brand name and label, while serving the exact same ingredients and my cousin who used Leptigen in the past achieved absolutely no weight change. As far I am concerned, this is Leptigen in a new bottle and if it didn’t work before why would it work now?


This is the current price for Dietspotlight’s burn HD and as you can see, it is much more expensive than and PhenQ but as with all other products, the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes.

1 bottle: $94.95 = 30 day supply

2 bottles: $164.90 = 60 day supply

3 bottles: $214.95 = 90 day supply

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, after combing through their entire website, I did not see one mention of a money-back guarantee. Do you really trust the efficacy of your product if you can’t guarantee it? I don’t think so. Unlike PhenQ that offers a 60 days money back guarantee, anyone that buys Burn HD doesn’t get the opportunity to return it if they are unsatisfied with the result.

Does Burn HD offer a Free trial?

Yes, dietspotlight.com offers a free trial for burn HD.

But, I must point out that there’s been numerous complaints about dietspotlight’s free trial services. People have complained about being charged without any prior notification, some even after cancelling! This alone is enough to stop anyone in their tracks. With diet spotlight or another service offering a free trial, please take your time and read through the terms and conditions thoroughly because for a lot of these companies, free is never actually free.

Burn HD’s reviews on Amazon

Burn HD, has bad reviews from 67 real users on Amazon (13% out of 517 reviews, as of writing this). Doesn’t sound so bad right? Until to take the time to examine the other 87% positive reviews. They all just voted “good” with similar answers and not even one of them has a before vs after pic on their reviews. That makes the efficacy of Burn HD questionable, OR the reviews are just fake.

Burn HD’s Positives

  • Professional packaging
  • Clearly labeled ingredients on bottle


  • The free trial on the website is misleading because there’s been numerous complaints by people who got billed without being notified, some of which were before the free trial period expired.
  • It’s a little pricey – one bottle goes for as much as $94.95 (£72.76)
  • It practically the same product as Leptigen which as I stated earlier, is ineffective.


Why is PhenQ A better alternative to Dietspolight’s Burn HD?

  • Significantly cheaper
  • PhenQ has a 60-day money back guarantee – valid even if you’ve opened and used it
  • Its ingredients are much better and have been proven to be more effective.


My Results With PhenQ!

You didn’t think I’d go ahead to review a product without actually trying it, did you? If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably tried everything out there. I’d like to say that while others call themselves fitness enthusiasts I refer to myself as a diet enthusiast. Keto? Done that. Weight watchers? Been there and flopped out. Think of any diet out there and I can promise you I’ve tried it. So it was with trepidation that I ordered my 30 days’ supply of PhenQ.

The fact that PhenQ comes with a 60 days guarantee gave me the confidence to place the order, because I had absolutely nothing to lose. Plus, since it didn’t require me to weigh & measure everything I ate and mope around from lack of carbs & energy for 2 weeks it seemed like a pretty sweet way to loose weight.

I’m proud to say that in the space of 90 days, I’ve actually lost 38lbs!! And I was 74lbs overweight when I started this journey, Amazing right?

I go into details on my experience below and to make it easier to understand, I’ve divide it into 15 and 30 days intervals

First 15 days.

Right from the very first day I felt my energy levels increase. It increased so much that I actually wanted to and went out of my way to exercise. I couldn’t believe it was me.

My cravings also reduced so drastically that it actually started looking like I may be able to achieve significant weight loss for the first time ever.

I started eating healthier, eating healthy meat, fruits and vegetables and my cravings for fries almost disappeared – this was definitely a good sign. I also started the occasional morning run coupled with a few other exercises – just pushups and stretching. It’s generally not a lot but for me it was.

During the first 15 days, I was so excited with the changes I was noticing that I checked my weight every day, sometimes twice daily. And in this time frame I actually lost 7 pounds. That might not sound like a lot but for me it was a miracle, especially when I considered that the fact that my body was still adjusting to a new lifestyle.

16 to 30 days

With my birthday coming up, I was so scared that this was going to be the end of this journey for me. I always go all out for my birthdays and my boyfriend loves to throw me parties so this stressed me out. Will my cravings return? Will I be able to go back to making healthier meal choices after taking a break? I decided to try my best and let the future decide.

As expected, I ate as much cake as I could on my birthday and once when I had a pretty bad day at work, my boyfriend ordered burgers and fries (covers face). But all in all, I was able to get back on the wagon!

By the thirtieth day, I noticed that I was 5 pounds lighter! – Lower than my first 2 weeks but if you take my birthday and burger night into consideration, you’ll realize that this is a great feat.

I was so happy. I had lost 12 pounds in one month all with minimal effort! This was the best result I’ve ever gotten in any weight loss program.

I felt good that I ordered my second set of PhenQ. I bought 3 bottles and as promised, they sent extra 2 bottles and a bottle of Raspberry Ketone Max for free. I couldn’t have asked for a better deal.

Day 31 to 60

At this stage of my journey, I noticed that overall I was feeling quite great. My clothes fit better, some of my very old clothes were my size once again. I even developed the courage to walk into a nearby gym, register and to my surprise, I got a warm welcome from the trainers. I felt great and stupid at the same time; stupid because I hadn’t done this before and great because everyone was nice and welcoming.

Things moved into a whole new gear from here. I made it a point of duty to visit the gym everyday. I talked to the nutritionist at the gym about my journey and about PhenQ and to my greatest surprise they already knew about it and even had people they worked with who were using it. It was an excellent third leg; I lost 14 pounds and I felt better than I ever did.

Day 61 to 90

I remember day 61 like it was yesterday, I remember it so clearly because as I stood in front of the mirror trying to open the 3rd bottle I caught a glimpse of myself and for the first time it really hit me. I remember busting into tears and crying so much my boyfriend ran in thinking something awful had happened.   I remember running into his arms, tears all over my face, crying like a banshee. I realized that for the first time I didn’t feel hopeless about my weight – I felt very hopeful, and I’ve never been more grateful.

In this phase, I was super focused. I ate healthier and got more work done. I fell in love with myself all over again. And even though I only even lost 9 pounds, it didn’t border me because I knew quite well that it would only get harder as I approached my goal. I wasn’t going to let that deter me.

Day 91and beyond

As I write this, at this very moment, I am 38 pounds lighter than when I started my PhenQ journey and I feel really great about my weight and life in general.

I don’t intend to stop with my current routine, even when I finally reach my goal, I’ll always keep a bottle around in case I stray – not happening anytime soon though.


Does PhenQ work for both men and women?
Yes, it works perfectly for both men and women; however, the results vary from individual to individual – not necessarily about gender. For instance, people with higher body fat will witness more significant weight loss results at first. But the destination or result is still the same for everyone. It might just take longer for some than it does for others.

In terms of weight, how many pounds can I lose using this PhenQ?
This is also dependent on the individual. While some people may rely solely on PhenQ, others (like me) may incorporate exercise; you don’t expect the result to be the same. Everyone will witness significant weight loss but it’s only natural that those who incorporate other healthy living behaviors would record more intense weight loss. On the average, it is possible to loose anywhere between 15 pounds and 35 pounds in a month.

Do I have to exercise to lose weight?
Definitely NOT! Exercise does help to achieve faster results however; it isn’t mandatory. If you engage in some form of physical activity as well as a special dieting plan, you should expect to lose an average of 20 to 35 pounds per month. On the other hand, you can loose between 15 pounds to 20 pounds every month without engaging in any exercise – this is still a great result in my opinion.

This is actually one of the reasons I think PhenQ is hands down the best weight loss supplements in the market because you don’t need to alter your life style to get the results you desire.

What should I be eating? Do I Have to diet?
As stated earlier, there are no special meal requirements for PhenQ. Dieting can help you reach your goal faster, as does exercise however; it isn’t mandatory and weight loss with PhenQ isn’t reliant on either diet or exercise.

Weight Loss & Body Sculpting / Muscle Building Tip

If you’re looking to lose some weight and build up some muscle try PhenQ and the supplements from Crazy bulk – at least that’s what my boyfriend did and it seems to have worked perfectly well for him. He wanted to lose some weight before going all into body building so he started with PhenQ for 30 days, lost 20 pounds and started taking crazy bulk supplements 2 weeks ago – the results have been phenomenal.

Money Saving Tip – Buy now, buy in Bundles

Right now, PhenQ is offering free shipping/delivery to any destination in the world but we don’t know how long this will last. There’s also an ongoing promo where you get 2 bottles absolutely free and a free top quality cleansing tea for every 3 bottles you buy so if I were you I’d act fast and take advantage.


My Verdict

Will PhenQ work for You?
As much as I’d like to say “Definitely yes!” I can’t make promises, but you’ll never know unless you try. Everyone I’ve spoken to that has actually used PhenQ experienced significant results, add that to the 60 days money back guarantee and it’ll be insane not to take advantage of this supplement.

PhenQ has worked for me and for everyone I know that has used it; I don’t see why it won’t work for you.

Should you try PhenQ – Yes.

I don’t have the right words to describe what it feels like to finally lose weight continuously and consistently without feeling like shit. When I bought my first bottle, I never imagined I’ll witness this much success. Nothing else had really worked for me before so this working has blown me away. I’m lighter, stronger, heathier, and happier than I have ever been. I eat better now not necessarily because I’m dieting but because I no longer crave unhealthy junk food. I never thought I could go 3 days without fries but now I barely think about it. And I’m writing this because I want others to experience this same feeling.

If you want to give PhenQ a chance to show you what it’s capable of, click the banner below.

P.S. Coupon code will be revealed on the page that follows, after you click the banner.

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