Low Sperm Count? Here is How You Fix it FAST!

Having a low sperm count can be one of the hardest things to have if you are trying to have children. While you would not lose any face with it (in no way that men would talk about the amount of sperm they got when they are talking), it can still be dreadful to have, especially if you have that one friend who is always mocking you for the smallest flaw you got.

Low sperm count can be caused by many things and it bears with it many symptoms. In today’s article, we would like to talk about the cause and the symptoms that having a low number of sperm can help. Not only that, we would also want to tell you several ways on how you can remedy such affliction, all free of charge simply because we dread the thought of a man being hurtful of the world thanks to his lack of sperm. With that in mind, let us start the article with how having a low number of sperm looks:

How does it look if you are a bit lacking in sperm?

Contrary to what you might have known, having a low sperm does not mean you will not shoot anything when you ejaculate. Most people often mistake the slimy, translucent liquid that comes from your pee-pee as sperm when in truth it is not sperm. That slippery liquid that comes from your penis when you ejaculates is not sperm but is instead semen.

When you ejaculate, you are ejaculating both semen and sperm. While you can see and feel the semen clearly, there is no way you can see the number of your sperm unless your eyes are outfitted with an advanced optical implant that can also act as a microscope. There is no way of knowing how much sperm you got unless you bring it to a lab.

Low Sperm Count? Here is How You Fix it FAST!

And no, you cannot know how much sperm you got from the taste of your ejaculation. There has been a rumour circulating around this method, one that tells you that you can find out the amount of your sperm if you give your semen the tip of your tongue. This rumour was probably devised by a troll that wants you to lick your own semen, which – although some people might find as sexy – is not ethically acceptable.

The causes of this affliction

It is very hard to determine the cause of a low number of sperm, actually. Might be because you were with a genetic oddity, making your sperm factories (your testicles) lacking the power to produce enough sperm. It might be because you got some mistakes in the wirings of your brain. Might also because you got kicked so hard it cracked the nuts and destroyed its sperm-producing capabilities.

Taking drugs in, drinking alcohol, being too fat, and being depressed all the time can also lower the amount of sperm you got. Contrary to popular opinion, masturbation does not cause your sperm level to decrease (what is the difference between masturbation and sex, anyway?). If you are afraid of masturbating because of that, then you can rest easy because it would not cause such a malady.

The symptoms that might occur

The most obvious of them would definitely be a reduced chance of impregnating someone. There are no other definite things to say because there are no symptoms that clearly come from having a low number of sperm. Some say that you will have a hard time getting Mr Meat to cooperate with you if you got a low amount of sperm. Some say that your testicles or the area around the testicles will swell. Some also say that you will lack body hair if you are lacking the necessary sperm count.

How can you get rid of a lack of sperm?

There are many ways that you can employ if you want to counter the lack of sperm in your body, actually. Most of these ways are ways that might be obvious for you like living a healthy life, do not smoke, do not take drugs or alcoholic drinks, and do not spend lots of times with radiation-emitting objects.

What you might not know, however, is that there exist several traditional methods that you can do if you want to increase your sperm count. You can try drinking lots of herbal drinks that are advertised as being able to increase the number of sperm for starters. They mostly contain traditional ingredients that might help your sperm factories increase their productivity levels. They are almost always safe, too, meaning you need not be afraid of them.

If you want a more proven method, however, we might have one medication that is just for you. Called SEMENAX, this is a supplement that will boost the amount of sperm that you have. SEMENAX is a supplement that is filled with only the most effective sperm-increasing ingredients that the world got, meaning every person with a low sperm count should go buy this product and turn their lives around.

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