How to Produce More Sperm According to Scientists

Knowing how to produce more sperm can be a very valuable knowledge especially if you found yourself lacking a bit of power in terms of sperm count. Having a low sperm count can lead to many things that most men might not find desirable, which makes knowing how you can spur your body to create more sperm a very valuable piece of information.

If you lack the right amount of sperm, you will have a high chance of being infertile. If you are infertile, you will not be able to conceive a child. For men who do not want to have children, this is nothing bad. For men who want to continue their family’s dynasty, however, infertility means certain doom, one that can only be countered if you are following all the provided steps below.

Before that, however, we want to say that there are two kinds of causes for you to lack sperm. The first cause is caused by genetic, and if you are infertile because your genes say so, then we are sorry to say that we cannot help you in any way because genes are genes. Unless they found ways to splice genes in a living person, your genetic disability can never be cured.

The second cause is a bit more ‘tame’ because you can cure it as long as you know what you should be doing. Most men who found themselves lacking sperm found themselves sitting in this category of cause, so do not be afraid if you lack the necessary amount of sperm within any given ejaculation because there is a high chance that you can be cured!

A lack of sperm count can lead to a loss of libido, an erectile dysfunction, and a lack of testosterone level. All of those (are currently) considered the things that make a man a man, so if you do not want to be seen as a traditional man who lives on traditional values, you NEED to have your sperm count increased.

How to Produce More Sperm According to Scientists

Below, we want to tell you about the things that scientists have said if you want to increase your sperm count. Without wasting any more of our time, let us just begin the discussion, shall we?

Exercising (regularly)

If you are someone who likes to exercise, then good for you because you are already one step ahead of getting your sperm count rise. Studies have shown that men who exercised regularly will have an increased level of confidence and an increased number of sperm.

That does not mean you can go to the extreme end of the spectrum, though. Exercising too much has been shown to be able to reduce your testosterone count. A low number of testosterone leads to a lower number of sperm, which is why you need to take care of yourself.

Going on an exercising session once a day can be fine provided you do not spend the whole day on the gym or your exercising place of choice. Exercise in moderation by making a schedule of a sort and you will (mostly) be fine.

Take vitamin C every day

Vitamin C is a vitamin that your body needs for it to stay in a perfect working condition. It will help you minimize the chance of contracting cancer and it can increase the quality of your sperm and semen.

However, there has not been a definite link between vitamin C and fertility. Some said that there are relations between them, but some others said that there are still studies that need to be done regarding this thing. Either way, you would not have anything bad by taking vitamin C, so there should not be any reason for you not to take it. Even if you take it too much, you would not experience any sort of overdoses whatsoever.

Do not be depressed. Enjoy life as it is

While we might get the shiv because we have this kind of opinion in this time of the year, but it is the truth. If you want to have a higher number of sperm count, you need to stay away from depression and stick to the happier side of life.

The definite ways of finding happiness depend on the person reading this, which is why we cannot tell you the exact thing that you really need to do to be happy. Exercising might help for some people while others might prefer spending time in the library. Measure yourself and find the thing that makes you happy. Provided it does not cause harm to other living beings, then you are free to do just that to your heart’s content.

Buy sperm-enhancing supplements and stick with one

We say stick with one because every supplement got different content to them. If you change your supplement each time you found something better, there is a chance that you would not feel any effect. If you are looking for a recommendation, we can safely say SEMENAX. Semenax is what you will need if you want to increase the sperm count, sitting at the top of the charts of every scientist’ recommendation list. If you want to know how to produce more sperm the safe way, this is the right supplement to take.

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