How To Make Your Penis Bigger in 90 Days, or Less!

How To Make Your Penis Bigger and increase your sexual life quality again? Many men are a dream for having a perfect penis start from the length and the size. This is due to the desire to get a maximum orgasm when they are making a sexual activity with their partner. Because of these issues, there are many penis enlargement markets that offer their services to make your penis bigger. However, when you decide to change your penis size, whether it uses certain treatment or surgery, it is important to choose a method that safe and work effectively so it will not waste your money. Here is a complete guide to help you make your penis look bigger than before.

Is it possible to increase penis size?

Most people that consider penis enlargement procedure have a normal sized penis that means they are adequately for sexual activity and urination. The normal penis size is 14-16 cm when erected in average length and around 12-13 cm in circumference. A penis is not considered as small size from the medical point of view unless the size is fewer than 7.6cm when it erected fully. Meanwhile, a manufacturer that claim their products such as pills, cream, and stretching penis device claim those can increase the penis size. Some other people consider penis enlargement with surgery. If you want to know more about the effective measurement and study about these methods of penis enlargement then read tips below for more information on How to Make Your Penis Bigger procedure and healthy ways for your penis.

Natural ways to make your penis bigger

From hundred years ago, herbs and traditional medicine have believed has proved the result to increase the penis size. If you want, consider to do this healthy lifestyle is smart ways to make your penis stay healthy and even can improve your penis size.

• Drink more coffee. The recent study from the University of Texas shows that men who drink 2 or 3 cups of Java coffee a day or 85-175 milligrams caffeine from other beverages have 42% less potency for having erectile dysfunction.
• Lose gut. Here are the reasons why you should cut your gut. The abdominal fat blocks the hormone testosterone which makes your penis look elderly than the real. A study in Italian shows that overweight men with BMI 27.8 have greater risks 30% to develop erectile dysfunctions than men that have normal weight. In addition, drop the flab in your belly will effectively increase your penis size with the reduction of fat in the pubic area.
• Use it or lose it. This is true, your penis should do their responsibility (drive your sexual performance) or you will lose it. A study shows that men who have higher sexual activity with their partner have a better size from the other group that rare to make sexual activity.
• Drink more water. water is integral elements to youthful penis erection as this will; keeps things moving around the body, including the red blood cells and plasma that will straighten out penis when arousal. When a body hydrated well, then there is a more efficient circulation process.
• Quit smoking. A study in 2011 finds that quit smoking will lead to firmer, thicker and faster penis erection.
• Manscape. Do you know that too much hair in your pubic area it makes your penis look smaller than the actual size? Clean and shave your pubic hair so it will give the penis look bigger than usual.

Get Bigger Penis in 90 Days

Methods for penis enlargement

There are several procedures of penis enlargement that men can consider when they thinking to increase their penis size.
• Penis stretching to add length and girth from your penis. Penis stretching is an exercise that refers using hand or certain tools for the length or girth of your penis. There are various techniques of penis stretching that known and claim work to increase the penis size.
• Penis surgery. There is 2 basic surgery of penis enlargement that can be chosen. However, the surgery is still contrary and sometimes the procedure is illegal. Hence, you need to find proved penis surgery when you consider penis surgery. The surgery also can lead to some risk such as infections, nerve damage and the problem with sexual function.
• Penis vacuum. Penis vacuum often advertised as penis enlargement steps that work fast and permanently to increase the penis size. However, the penis vacuum pump is a treatment for erectile dysfunction. While this device achieves and maintains penis erection, this device has no lasting effects for adding the size of your penis.

By these methods of How to Make Your Penis Bigger, you can choose which one that works for you. You can ask consultation with sexologist if you want to know the best method that safe with you. If you are looking for penis enlargement supplement, then VIGRX PLUS can be an option that you should consider. VigRX Plus increases the blood flow into your penis that will make your penis larger, harder and also have longer last erections without side effects as it made from proven ingredients.

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