How to Increase Sperm Count, Exactly?

If you are looking for ways on how to increase sperm count, then you have found the right article. Most people are usually fine with the number of sperm they got on their twin egg-shaped factories, but there are people who think that they lack the number of sperm. If not that, they might also think that their sperm is lacking in strength, hence the reason why they want to increase their sperm count.

Now you might wonder why on earth would you want to increase the number of your sperm count. Will increasing sperm count makes sex a bit more rewarding than most? Will increasing sperm count makes you a tad manlier? Those two questions are questions that are normally asked by those who want to have their sperm number to grow. Is a higher sperm count the answer to those two questions?

Perhaps yes, perhaps not. We cannot be certain about the answers simply because different people got different results. Some people find sex to be more entertaining once their sperm count increases while some did not experience any changes at all.

What we can be sure, however, is that a higher sperm count increases the chance of you impregnating someone. A higher number of sperm count means that one of your sperm will have an increased chance of fertilizing a female’s egg. This is one of the most popular reasons why someone wants to increase their sperm count, and chances are you are here because you have been having trouble conceiving a child with your girl.

How to increase sperm count, exactly?

That is why we want to tell you all the ways you can increase your sperm count. All of the ways we listed below are ways that have already been tested by most people, with the results showing positive colours all around. Without further ado, here are the ways in question:

Living a healthy life

Research has shown that someone who is obese will have a lower number of sperm. On the other way around, folks who are fit have an increased level of sperm count. The same can also be said about folks who sleep on time and folks who like to stay up all night. Those who sleep on time – a person who is ‘punctual’ when it comes to sleeping – will produce a lot more sperm than those who do not do such a thing.

That being said, research has also shown that not all obese people have low sperm count. Provided those obese people exercise, their sperm count will also increase.

If you are smoking, stop

Are you smoking and you want to increase your sperm count? You can start by kicking off the habit and go with better alternatives, like chewing gum or something else along the line. Smoking can reduce the amount of sperm you got because of some odd chemical contained within each inhalation, so stop doing it if you want to easily impregnate your wife or girlfriend, eh?

Avoid alcoholic drinks

One more thing you need to kick out if your tendency to drink alcoholic drinks. If this is a habit that you exhibit, then you should throw that away because some researchers have found a link between alcohol consumption and a reduced amount of sperm.

We said ‘found a link’ because we cannot truly say if alcohol truly affects your sperm, but there is nothing good that can come from drinking alcohol, anyway. Unless you really need alcohol in your bloodstream so you can live, there is no point in drinking alcoholic drinks.

Eat something that is rich in antioxidant…

Antioxidant is one of the best things that can happen to the world. It can prevent cancer from developing and it can also increase the amount of sperm if you found your factories producing only little of them.

Some of the food items belonging to this category are blueberries, dark chocolate, strawberries, and pecan. Include them in your diet if you can. Tea also contains antioxidant, though you would find that the aforementioned items provide a better amount of the substance.

…and/or avoid food that contains a lot of unhealthy fat

Food with a high amount of unhealthy fat will only make you obese and will make you bloated. If you are bloated, you will feel less inclined to move around, which will then lead to a lack of exercise, and – soon – obesity.

Do not take anything that contains a lot of non-human estrogens

This includes soymilk and soy-related food items. Soy products contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which means it is estrogen extracted from a plant. As you might have noticed, a plant is not a human, so you have that.

And before you ask us about a woman’s breast milk, let us say that we do not know the answer. There has not been any research that can tell us about that and we would like to leave the question at that. If you think about it, how on earth did you think about that idea anyway?

Take supplements

If all else fails, you can try taking supplements in. You can find lots of sperm-enhancing supplements almost everywhere. If we have to recommend a product, though, we would like to recommend you SEMENAX, which is a proven sperm-enhancing supplement that will make your sperm break through the roof. It is easy to take and it is very cheap to boot. It can even be a sole answer to your question on how to increase sperm count, too!

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