How to Have Erections ON DEMAND (Like Magic!)

Having erections on demand surely becomes very important thing for every man in the world. There is no way they can have a pride as men if they have problem with their erection. Great sex life will be about pride and also happiness of course. That is why they have to make sure that they are able to have erections anytime they want.

Nevertheless, there are many men who have problem with their erections. They have weak or soft erections which cannot fulfill their expectation. It is not only embarrassing but also unsatisfying for sure. There are various things which can be done for ensuring that men can have erections on demands. It sounds like magic but it cannot be separated from healthy lifestyle. More importantly, it is important for them to understand the causes of erection problem and avoid or treat it from the roots.

Understanding the Causes of Erections Problem

Men who suffer from soft or weak erections will try very hard to find the way to get back their erections. They work so hard to find the solution but they do not try to understand the cause of this problem. In fact, by understanding the causes, they can find better solution for their problem.

There are some reasons why people cannot get proper stiff erections on demand. It can be found when there is not enough blood flow to the penis. This condition can be caused by various reasons including lack of exercise for instance. Low production of nitric oxide can also be another cause besides the low level of testosterone in the body.

People must not forget that psychological issues can also be big reason why people have to deal with various kinds of health problem. Erections problems can also be associated to psychological issues including stress, anxiety, depression, and so on. Last but not least, if people have unhealthy habit associated to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and also smoking, there is high possibility that they also have problem with erections.

Once people can relate those causes to their erection problems, they might not have to look for the supplements for getting back their ability. They only need to change their lifestyle so they can have their erections on demand. If it is necessary, they can find the beneficial and risk free supplement for magical touch to their erection ability.

Eat Properly

There are many kinds of illness which cannot be separated from the poor nutrition. If people want to be healthy and have proper physical ability, they need to eat properly. If they want to be able to have erections on demand, there is no doubt that they must eat properly as well.

Sperm production for instance cannot be done properly without proper intake of selenium and zinc. That is why people need to pay attention to their minerals intake from their daily meals. Erections must be associated to the testosterone level in the body. Enough testosterone is necessary for supporting proper erections. Testosterones production will need collagen and arginine which can be found from the proper food sources.

Hormone production plays very important role for men’s erection ability. In this circumstance, they need to make sure that the hormone production is supported properly by controlling the cholesterol level in the body. It is important to ensure the healthy cholesterol intake for the hormone manufacture.

Many people might have very big question about the reason why they can give satisfaction due to erection problem. It can be associated to the nutrition problem so they need to start healthy diet in daily basis.

There are some types of foods which must be included in the diet for making sure that they can have erection instantly. They need the foods which are useful for increasing blood flow. It means that they need to include onion, watermelon, garlic, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, and also ginger in their diet.

There are some foods which are useful for increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body such as oatmeal, beans, nuts, poultry, fish, beef, lamb, and also lean meat. The testosterone production can also be increased by taking foods such as oily fish, red meat, nuts, beans, and white button mushrooms.

People also have to pay attention to some foods which must be avoided or limited. It is better to limit the consumption of carbohydrate and sugar because it can increase insulin levels. This condition will inhibit the production of testosterone in the body as well.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Big might be beautiful but it is not be healthy enough including for men who want to have erection on demand. One thing for sure, there are various kinds of disease which can be the risk of obesity. People should learn more about the risks of health which can be associated to obesity.

People who have obesity have to deal with low testosterone risk. Other risks can also be found including the hormonal imbalance, type II diabetes, heart disease, and brain impairment. The combination of those conditions can also bring risks for low testosterone. In this circumstance, they might find difficulty to have erections as they want to.

If people think that they are overweight and they have problem with erections, it might be the right time for reducing their weight. It could mean that they have to start the regular exercise of course but they must not forget that they also have to eat healthily as well if they want to be able to maintain the healthy body weight so they can be free from erection problems.

No Smoking

Some people cannot avoid the temptation of smoking although they already know that smoking can cause various health problems. Smoking might be satisfying but actually people inhale various kinds of poisons which will be introduced into the blood flow. The toxins include arsenic and cyanide which are considered as two of the most toxic elements on earth.

When people are smoking, it means that their body will get carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde. The toxins in cigarette smoke become the culprit of arteries hardening after all. What is the connection between the hardening of arteries with erection problems? This might be a question which will be asked by many people.

Erection can be found when there is enough blood flow to penis but it will not happen properly if they have arteries hardening problem. This condition will prevent the proper blood flow in the body. People must not forget about the carbon monoxide which can reduce the oxygen level in the body.

If people have problem with their erection and they are active smoker, it means that they should reconsider their habit. They need to stop smoking so they can prevent the health risks associated to cigarette smoking.

No Alcohol and Drugs

When people are talking about maintain healthy lifestyle, we can make sure that it will also be about avoiding alcohol and drugs. Just like smoking, people will not get health benefits from alcohol and drug abuse.

The production of testosterone in the body will be suppressed if people take too much alcohol. Low testosterone surely will bring bad effect to the erection ability. Penis health damage can also be found if people use recreational drugs. If people do not want to deal with impotency, they have to avoid drugs including cocaine.

Sleep Properly

There is no way people can maintain their health if they do not have enough sleep. Enough sleep is not only about quantity but also quality. If people are lack of sleep, they will get tired easily because their body cannot get proper recovery from the previous day’s activity. Of course there are various conditions which will be associated to lack of sleep including low testosterone.

The body has its own rhythm which is called Circadian rhythm. The rhythm should be maintained properly because it will affect the whole metabolism in the body. It also means that the production of hormone in the body will be related to the rhythm the most. If the rhythm is disturbed, the hormone including testosterone production will not be able to be done properly.

People should check their sleeping habit when they find that they cannot get erection as they used to. If they have sleep deprivation, they need to get normal sleep habit back. If they have sleep issues, it is necessary to treat it so they do not have to deal with long term erection problem.

Exercise Properly

Instant erections can be found if people are taking care of their health including cardiac health properly. People should keep in their mind that things which are bad for heart will bring bad effect to their penis as well.

There are various great benefits which can be found if people maintain regular physical exercise as their daily habit. For example, it is useful for avoiding the arteries clogging which is caused by extra weight and fat in the body. Without arteries clogging, it means that there will not be any obstacle of blood circulation in the body including in the penis.

Yes, people can imagine about the great influence of regular exercise to the body. It will reduce the excess fat in the body. The blood circulation will also be increased so they can have erections anytime they want.

Well, people still find it hard to include gym as their regular activity. Gym is not the only way to get regular physical exercise after all. They can do other things which sound easier and simpler but give benefits for health such as daily brisk walk. In fact, this simple activity will be useful not only for reducing body fat but also increasing blood circulation and reducing stress as well. Their stamina will be boosted as well so they can have better performance on the bed.

People just need to find the right exercise for them. The most important thing is that they can have fun when exercising so they will be able to do it in regular basis. Swimming will also be great choice of exercise which can help people get those benefits and also shape their body.

Manage Stress

Stress might be associated to the psychological condition but it can affect to the physical condition as well. People might find it hard to have erection instantly when they are under stress. If they want to make sure that they can have instant erection, they need to manage their stress as well as other psychological issues including anxiety.

The performance in bed can be improved if they can reduce their stress. There are various ways for reducing stress. Having fun sounds a great way for helping them get happiness but they should try medication and stress which are effective for reducing stress. Regular yoga session will help people to manage their stress with effective results. At the same time, yoga will also be useful for helping people control their ejaculations better.

Enough Water

Drinking sodas might be kind of habit which can be found often in the modern lifestyle. Sodas can be found everywhere and more importantly it tastes great. However, people should not drink soda that often if they do not want to get erection problems.

Drinking more sodas mean lower testosterone level after all. It can be caused by the carbonic acid as well as phosphoric acid which can be found in sodas. Instead of drinking sodas, it is better to make sure that they drink plenty of water. Proper water intake will be useful for maintaining the overall body health and must be more beneficial for their erections than sodas.


Last but not least, people can consider supplement for helping them get instant erection. MaleExtra is recommended to have erection on demand. If people use it in regular basis for 40-60 days, it is sure that they will get instant solid rock erection like a magic. The good thing from this product is that consumers will be free from risk. There is nothing to lose when using this product because the satisfaction will be guaranteed. Claim can be made after 60 days with no satisfaction.

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