How To Get A Bigger Penis – No Exercise and No Device Needed

The small and big size of the penis is still a debate among men. The unlucky men surely have a small penis. It seems to be a nightmare for men. They decide to find ways of making their penis bigger. Drugs and devices seem to be the instant ways on how to get a bigger penis. Those will not work effectively if you don’t combine it to natural ways. Making your penis bigger is not always related to exercises, device, and drugs.

Reducing Fat Level

It doesn’t make your body slim. Reducing weight can be a way to make your penis bigger naturally. The level of men’s fat will make your penis look shorter so that you will not get confident. The edge part of the penis looks like hidden so that the men feel not confident with his penis. To make your penis bigger and longer, a man is suggested to reduce the fat levels in the body. If the fat level is down, the penis looks bigger and longer. By reducing fat accumulation, it makes a hidden penis look clearly. The process will make your penis look longer up to 2 cm but it is invisible again if the weight is not kept and your belly bump.


A jelqing technique is the same as masturbation. However, it is conducted slowly and regularly. The penis is massaged with your thumb and forefinger for times to reduce the quality of erectile. The ways of enlarging a penis naturally are aimed at training the gland of erectile functions to accommodate much more blood so that it is expected to make your penis look bigger and longer.

Compressing with Warm Water

The next way on how to make a penis bigger is using warm water. The compress with warm water towel will increase the blood flow and circulation to the penis gland. In addition, it makes the skin elastic so that it tends to be easier to do exercises and reduce the inflammation. It can be conducted in some ways. Firstly, rinse the towel into the warm water and then compress it to the penis. You will feel uncomfortable in the early treatment but you will feel comfortable later. Let the towel two minutes and repeat it three times. You can use another method to warm your penis.

Stopping Smoking

The size of the penis depends on the amount of blood in your intimate organ. The lack of blood means that making your penis size small. The smoking effects are not only causing lung disease, but smoking also impacts the narrowing position of artery including a blood vessel flowing the blood to the penis. Smoking will limit the blood vessel to the penis making the penis size smaller. The ways of making your penis bigger are by preventing the cigarette at all.

How to Get A Bigger Penis

Avoiding Stress

The way of making your penis bigger is preventing stress. The artery bringing blood to the penis is surrounded by the muscle gland. When the men feel anxious or stress, the muscles will contract to make the artery narrow and to reduce the blood flow and size. However, when the men are relaxing slowly, the muscles feel relax.

Shaving Hair around Your Penis

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make your penis bigger is shaving the hair around the penis. When the hair is removed, the penis looks bigger and longer. You should cut and shave your penis hair regularly when it looks dense and full.

Consuming Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a kind of herb plant coming from China. By consuming it regularly, it is trusted to increase blood flow and circulation to the penis so that the penis size is bigger. In addition, there is a study affirming that Ginkgo Biloba is very effective to overcome erectile dysfunction. You may consume ginkgo Biloba or foods containing that compound.

Stretching Your Penis

When the penis is still off, you should pull it slowly. Don’t pull it hard because it makes a pain. You should hold this stretching process for ten to fifteen seconds and release it. It is able to repeat for fifteen times in a day to make your penis bigger.


It is a good method to make your penis bigger and longer for one to three inch. It is able to stretch the men’s ejaculation for five times during sexual activity or masturbation. When you want to be ejaculation, you should stop a process and then massage a genital area for an overall part so that the blood flows easily. If you don’t do it routinely, your penis will grow much more corpora cavernosa, a gland feeling like a sponge in the penis. If you tend to take a choice of balloon method, you don’t need to do it when you are making love. It will create a better result if you do it often. The best alternative way on how to make a penis bigger is consuming VIGRX PLUS. It is recommended to choose that product because it is working effectively to increase the size of your penis.

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