How Long Should an Erection Last?

Has it ever dawned upon you the thought of how long should an erection last? While the question can be very random at a time, it is still a valid question worthy of an ask. Many people have been trying to find out the answer to said question, and many of those are always in the search of the duration of their erection.

For those of you who are curious about how long should an erection last, then look no further my friends, for I have with me several facts and information about erection and everything surrounding them. Without further ado, let us talk about today’s topic.

Erection? What is that?

If you ask yourself that question, then perhaps you are too young to be in here. That, or you are just too innocent for this world. I suggest you continue reading this to get a bit of a know-how on the world of sex and whatnots.

In the simplest term, one can safely say that erection is the moment where a man’s penis got hard and raise up. For the men, unless you got some weird sexual dysfunction, it is normal for you to have an erect penis. Do not be afraid if your wee wee gets the uptime because it is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the only moment you should be worried about your penis is when it refuses to stand straight in many situations. One might argue that having a penis that is hard all the time is a problem as well, but we will talk about them later.

What causes an erection?

Simply put, erections are caused by blood. It might sound gruesome at first. I mean, how on earth does blood make a penis hard? It sounds so gory and not penis-hardening at all.

Thing is, it is the blood on the inside that turns your penis rock hard. You see, the penis is a complex system consisting of two chambers. The chambers are called the corpora cavernosa and it goes from the tip of the penis and into the pelvis. The chambers themselves are made of tissues, all of which are spongy and are able to absorb blood pretty well. When the chambers are empty, your penis will be as flaccid as a slug, but things change when the chambers open and blood flows into them.

Many things can cause the chambers to open, but arousal is possibly the most common cause for it. When someone whispered naughty things to you or do naughty stuff directed at you, your brain will then send out a hormone-induced signal that tells those corpora thingies to open. The result? Blood will flow into those chambers and your dick will be as hard as if Medusa stared right at it.

But if the chambers are open, one might think that the blood will flow back and turn the erection flaccid. While logic dictates that it should be like that, real life says otherwise. When you get the blood flowing,  the blood flows fast, and it flows so fast that the veins in your penis get compressed. This compression is what causes an erection stays for a while.

When your brain stops giving your penis the permission to go hard, only then that your wee wee will turn back to its ‘hanging’ position. While on the outside a hard penis is a pretty simple thing to look at, the insides are actually working hard to achieve that erection. Do not take your erection for granted, fellas; your body works hard for it.

How long does a normal erection last?

The human’s body is engineered without sharing the same template. One body might react differently to some substances while the other body might be indifferent to it. The same can be said with erections. The males in this world do not share the same erection duration, but there are several guidelines that can help you dictate the normal duration of an erection.

One such guideline is the length of a sexual act involving penile penetration. In simple words, one uses sex as a tool that can help one find the normal duration of erection. A research using that method indicates that a normal human erection normally lasts for five minutes. The five minutes are counted starting from the time the male penetrates his partner until the time he ejaculates (in which normally an erection will go tame). While there are differences between each couple (there are those who lasted for 33 seconds and there those who lasted for 44 minutes, the whole of it), the five minutes are the overall numbers of it, so we can safely say that an erection can last for five minutes.

But that time only counts when you are having sex. What if you are not having sex? What if you are still doing some foreplays to get the mood right? What if you suddenly get a boner out of the blue and you wonder how long it will take for it to turn off?

The answer is pretty simple. The normal duration of a boner when you are not having a sex depends on your brain. If your brain is repeatedly sending naughty signals, your erection will last for long. If your brain stops sending those signals (or until your masturbated), the penis will go down. There are rare cases where the penis would not go down even when you have already satisfied those humane cravings, but these cases are so rare; you would do better to search for a four-leaf clover than to find a male like that.

It is almost the same as the time when you are doing some foreplays. The foreplay is usually the moment when you are trying to set up a sex. This is the time when the penises get hard and the vaginas get lubricated, but many researchers do not take foreplays into action simply because there is no end point to foreplay. For example, take a time when you are kissing your partner. The brain will stimulate your penis to keep it hard, but will the brain stop sending signals after you are done kissing? No, mate, it would not stop your penis from getting hard. The kissing will then lead to something even naughtier, and it will end up with sex and ejaculation. Because foreplays can last for a long time, researchers do not bother collecting data on it.

Are erections important?

Erection is a common thing that happens in males. You need it to procreate. It is very human for one to procreate, after all, so it is very human as well to have erections. There are couples who can enjoy having sex without having the male’s penis go erect, but poinking is not a very popular thing to do for many couples.

Erections are very important for a male because it indicates their ability to conquer. In Freudian psychology, an erect penis is a form of male dominance on the female. Heck, even Freud says that the male’s erect penis is a symbol for male domination, saying that without having a penis, the female is doomed to be the second sex. He sees the penis as a thing that separates the dominator and the dominated, and that kind of thinking is way too inscribed in the minds of many humans, even until this day.

Because of that way of thinking, a male needs to have an erect penis to be able to assert his dominance over things. A man without the capability of having an erect penis is seen as a weak man. More often than not, he is the subject of many penile jokes (which I have to admit that it can be pretty funny at a time), and it can be something that lowers his confidence.

While I do not agree and do not support the notion that a penis is a symbol of domination, the truth is simply like that. Many dogmas, doctrines, and paradigms tell the erect penis’ power over the vagina, and while that kind of thinking can be changed, it would take a whole lot of time before something new replaces it.

How Long Should an Erection Last?

But we are not here to talk all highly about psychology, no. We are here to talk about the penis' importance in our lives. I once told you that an erect penis is essential for procreation, but do you know that a hard penis is also a beautiful thing to have when you are looking to have some sexual fun?

Sure the first reason why the penis and the vagina were created was that the two are needed for humans to continue living on earth, but there are times when we just want to go all fun with sex. Sex can be used as a tool of entertainment as well, and it is common for people, especially the young ones, to find thrills in the act of sex. In some countries, that kind of ‘needless' sex is a taboo thing to talk about and even more taboo if you do it. In other countries, sex is seen as a form of tension vent to prevent unwanted sexual cases.

When we are talking about sex as entertainment, we need to know that several factors can make an entertaining sex successful or not. When we use sex as entertainment, we expect both parties involved to come out of the scene satisfied. After all, leisure sex is something that a couple does to achieve satisfaction. While the male's pleasure derives from ejaculations, a female's satisfaction is a bit more difficult to comprehend.

You see, to sexually satisfy a female, you need to understand their sexual drive. One female can be satisfied just by having the male normally sexing her up, but some females can be different in a way that they want more than the usual. Some want to be penetrated by a long penis while some are content with having a normal or even a short penis. Some want their man to go for hours when they have sex while some are fine with men who can only go for seconds.

There is some general knowledge about satisfying women, though. For example, not many women enjoy three-second sex. They want sex to go on for much longer. It does not have to go for hours, but at least they want to go for more than three seconds. I am not a person who knows about every woman in the world, but even I can see that three-second sex is not satisfying in any way.

If so, is there a way for me to train my erection? Is there a way to keep my erection longer?

You might be surprised, but you can actually train your penis to go longer in bed. One way to do this is to masturbate.

You heard me right, people. Masturbation can be a tool to train the manhood. How does one use masturbation to go stronger in bed?

Before we delve into that, we need to understand what are the things involved in masturbation. When we masturbate, we have what I call as a desire to ejaculate. Ejaculating is a simple thing to do. You just rub the penis in a way that ‘provokes' an ejaculation.  Not long after, your penis will start to throb, and you will soon feel the satisfaction shooting out of your pee hole.

But ejaculating is an easy thing to do. What hard is trying to keep the penis hard while not ejaculating so quickly? You do this by resisting the urge to shoot your load each time you feel it culminating in the head. Stop rubbing it when you are near to shooting the load, and you have taken a step to turn your penis into a stronger penis. Keep repeating this step until you feel that you cannot hold it back any longer and your weak willy will turn into a powerful organ.

That is one practice that you can do to keep your erection lengthy. There are many other practices out there that you can try, but this method by far is the easiest one. If you want an instant boost without any cumbersome routines or practices, Male Extra can help you achieve that in as quick as 40 minutes. Studies have shown that people that use Male Extra as an erection booster have twice or 3X as long of an erection, compared to when they don't use it.

That is all about today's article. I hope this answers your ‘how long should an erection last' question. If you want to know more about the product above, I suggest Male Extra reviews by customers on the following page.

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