Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms – You Think You’ve Got ED?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to reach or keep the penis erection to have a satisfying sexual activity. The definition of erectile dysfunction is not related to the climax attainment when orgasm happens. There are some erectile dysfunction symptoms. There are some symptoms and causes of erectile dysfunction.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

A sexual temptation starts from your head and works to the bottom part of the body. A depression can handle your desire and makes erectile dysfunction. Ironically, there are many drugs consumed to cure depression. It can force a sexual temptation and makes you difficult to get erectile. It causes the orgasm’ lateness. You may consider drinking less alcohol to get the mood. However, most of the alcohol types make it difficult to complete your sexual activity. The consumption of alcohol can disturb erectile, but the effects are temporary.


It is not easy to get a mood when you get worried about the responsibility at work and at home. Actually, stress can make everything worse — a lot worse. The solution? Change your lifestyle. You can increase the relaxation like sleeping soundly, doing exercises regularly, and finding professional help.


The angriness can make the blood flowing to your face, but it is not flowing to the needed place when you want to have sexual activity. It is not easy to feel romantic when you are angry. It can cause erectile dysfunction.


The anxiety of not being able to do an excellent performance. It is getting more difficult when you keep the tension around. Know that it is just another part of your life. All worries can make you afraid and prevent intimacy and influence your sex life. Erectile dysfunction symptoms can be caused by those problems.


Extra weight can influence your sexual performance since overweight men tend to have a low testosterone hormone. Meanwhile, the hormone is vital for sexual temptation and erectile. The overweight is also related to hypertension and the hardness of the blood vessel, reducing the blood flow to the penis.

   Low Libido

Libido is a temptation to do sexual activity. The low libido is not the same as erectile dysfunction, but there are some similarities. The low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and drugs can reduce your sex temptation; hence, ruining your sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

There are some main erectile dysfunction symptoms suffered by the men. The dysfunction includes the difficulties to reach an erection, finding the right position, and the decrease of sexual arousal. The symptoms include some following things.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

  •    The difficulties to get an erectile position
  •    The difficulties to keep an erectile moment
  •    The low sexual ar
  •    When you get an inability to keep erectile, it can be a symptom of erectile dysfunction. However, it is a temporary case. The negative effects can be influenced by the erectile dysfunction.
  •    Phycological symptoms can happen if a man feels unable to make the partner satisfied. The symptoms include low self-esteem and depression. It makes erectile dysfunction run worst.
  •    In some cases, medical conditions become the main problem like diabetes or high blood pressure. It is causing erectile dysfunction. Those symptoms may present together with erectile dysfunction.

When you find those symptoms, you must be aware. You need to contact your doctor. It is a good solution to overcome erectile problems. You should meet your doctor when ;

  •    You have a worry of the mistake or earlier ejaculation
  •    If you are a diabetic sufferer and heart attack, you should be aware because it is related to erectile dysfunction.
  •    You may have together symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Make sure that you obey those things and conditions when you meet an erectile dysfunction.

Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

The consumed drugs will influence your performance in making love. There is a series of long drug list that can cause erectile dysfunction. Those particular drugs will reduce blood pressure, pain medicine, and antidepressant. However, you shouldn’t stop drinking and consuming drugs without talking to the doctor first. It needs to know that amphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana can cause sexual problems in men.

If you are shy to talk to your doctor about your sex life, you must forget it. That is the best way to get a cure and become more intimate to your partner. The doctor can determine the problem sources. He may recommend lifestyle intervention like stopping smoking or reducing weight. Another treatment choice includes erectile dysfunction drugs, hormone treatment, and counseling. To overcome erectile dysfunction symptoms, you can consume MALE EXTRA. This is a recommended product to reduce an erectile dysfunction condition so that you can have a harmonious sexual life.

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