Does Losing Weight Increase Penis Size, or Is It Just A Myth?

If you are looking for a fat penis, then you will be disappointed because this is not an article like that. This article will only discuss the facts about people's thoughts about the penis. Maybe this is the right time to talk about it. You must be open and honest that obesity may be a problem for your penis. This is not good news when you have a sensitive personality.

What Penis?

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience conducted a survey and found the fact that when flaccid the average penis size is 3.6 inches. The size of the penis during erection is 5.16 inches. Maybe the Guardian has an interactive chart so you can compare the size. There are many obese men who cannot compare this size because the man is too fat and cannot see the penis. Obesity blocks your view to see your penis. This is a simple statement that might make you realize that you are obese.

How to Measure?

The base of the penis is in the body so you need a painter to measure your pubic bone. This is the official method used to measure the penis bone. This is a calculation between Non-Bone-Pressed (NPB) and long bones (BPEL). The difference between the parts lies on the fat that is on the penis. If you have a lot of fat in that part, then your view to see the penis will be increasingly blocked by the fat.

Obesity will bury your penis down there. Maybe you must have the motivation to get the ideal body weight. You must restore your weight in the starting position. Maybe this is a way that is not too genius but fat really affects it. A penis that is buried in your fat is only the initial symptom of a number of complications that are caused by ova. The following are conditions caused by obesity in your penis.

Low Confidence

If your penis is buried in your body, then you cannot show that part and your confidence will fade. If you have low self-confidence, then this can make your whole life get bad consequences. This not only affects your sex life but also makes you experience depression, anxiety, and stress.

Reduced Stamina

Being overweight does not only make you unhealthy, but your stamina will also decrease gradually. Many men have experienced this condition. Obesity will reduce overall health. If your stamina decreases, then this has a bad impact on sexual performance.

Skin Problems

A penis trapped between fat and meat will make it sweat and heat. This is a good place for bacteria so you can experience a number of terrible diseases such as rotting groin, tinea curses, and thrush. This is a terrible condition for all men.

Loss of Sensation

You can lose the sensation when your intestine's flesh presses on the nerve endings in your penis. You must know that the tip of the penis has only 4000 sensory nerve endings and the clitoris has 9,000 nerve stimuli.

Circulation Problems

Being overweight can cause circulation problems and this makes the amount of blood channeled to the penis to decrease. Men can experience erectile dysfunction which makes your life destroyed because you cannot enjoy a pleasant sex life.

Losing Weight to Get Bigger Penis

The latest analysis from Seth Stephens-Davidowitz found facts about searches related to the penis. Many people are looking for ways to make the penis bigger. The first thing that will be discussed is surgery, treatment. Pills and creams that promise you to get a stronger and bigger penis. A clinical professor of urology, Dr. Harry Fisch said that all of these methods might not work. You can only get the size that suits you.

There are treatments that claim that this will work forever but this can only stretch the length of the fluid. This has nothing to do with penile violence. You cannot waste time on all that nonsense. There are scientific facts for you. Fisch says that you can increase your penis size by losing weight.

This is not a false promise. If you have excess fat in your abdomen, your penis will look smaller. This is a fact and you can change this to get a larger penis size visually. If you can lose weight, then you will be surprised because you can get one to two inches bigger when the pubic fat decreases.

A little loss of fat in the area can be a bonus for you. If you don't know how to lose the right weight, then you can search for guides on the internet. This is an easy thing to do but you must have a strong goal. You must not be tempted by things that can make your diet fail.

Pubic Haircut

This is another way that your penis looks bigger and this is not a hoax, but this is the visual truth that can be obtained in a simple way. This method can help your penis aesthetically. Cutting pubic hair can make your penis look long and sexy. This is your personal but if your goal is to make the penis bigger, then this is the right and fast way. You cannot get a penis of a size that exceeds your potential. Unfortunately, many men may not be able to fulfill this.

This is caused by several factors. Maybe you experience one of these factors. The causes are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, smoking, and being overweight. The first step to getting a penis with the maximum size is to maintain the health of your body. The cardiovascular system must be kept smooth. A good thing for the heart is a good thing for your penis.

Take Some Pills

The most common medicines to treat erectile dysfunction are Cialis and Viagra. This drug can't add inches, but it can increase blood flow to your penis. If you don't have a strong erection, then this medication can help you reach the top of your penis. Don't forget to talk to the doctor so that you get a prescription for a safe and appropriate medication with the right dose.

You can also take supplements. It contains antioxidants that can improve blood vessel health. The supplement also contains l-arginine to increase blood flow and nitric oxide. Both materials can provide stronger bones. If you cannot maintain your erection, then this will be a serious health problem such as heart disease.

You can discuss this problem with your doctor and don't do anything ridiculous like asking for a Viagra pill from your friend. Actually, you don't have to worry about the size of your penis. If you have ever watched porn movies and you have seen a large penis, then you should not compare your penis to a porn star.

You have to know the fact that penis erections have an average size of 5.4 inches and many men who have an inch less than that size so that you approach normal size. If you are worried that a small penis cannot please your partner, then you should know that penetration is one part of the sex process. Everyone has different preferences. There are many women who do not experience orgasm during vaginal and penis sex. There are many women who don't care about the length and size of your penis. Maybe your penis size has no connection with your ability to satisfy your partner.

This is the right time to speak honestly when you have a smaller penis size than normal size. Maybe you have a partner who looks at sexual or physical preferences, but you can also find partners who don't care about that section. This is related to finding a partner that suits you.

You can use other preferences such as sex toys, manual stimulation, and oral stimulation. This can help you to have an amazing sex life without thinking about your penis size. This article helps you to think realistically that you cannot make your penis size magically bigger.

This will not cause problems. You can use several ways to get a large penis aesthetically. In the end, you only need to do the best that suits your condition. You cannot worry about size and you can focus on finding a partner that suits your condition.

Does Losing Weight Increase Penis Size, or Is It Just A Myth?

The Truth about Penis

Every trusted sexologist will say that penis size is not a problem but size is something that is meaningful for most men. There are many reasons for this statement. There are safe ways to increase penis size but you should not involve surgery, potions, and pills. This is what makes sexologists feel confident that size is not important. Men must know that the size of the penis can provide pleasure.

The average size of the penis is 3 to 5 inches when the penis is soft and 5 to 7 inches when the penis is upright. Only a few men have smaller or larger penis. The survey has also proven that what women want from men is to share their interests, sense of humor, listening, attention, kindness, and attractiveness. Very few women say that penis size is what is expected of a man.

Sex therapists also say that almost no woman complains about the size of a man's penis but many men compare penis size to movies. This makes them try penis enlargement drugs. Sex ads make men believe that the penis is big and makes women happy.

Don't Take Enlargement Products

These products are very expensive and this is fraud done by the company. There are many penis enlargement drug sellers who must be jailed. There are no tools, ingredients, pills, and exercise that can permanently enlarge your penis.

Don't Do Surgery

This operation requires expensive fees. The doctor will cut the ligament so that it makes an erection stand and this only adds an inch but the erection cannot show respect. The penis will still hang limply between your legs until you point the penis to something erotic. Surgery is done by taking fat from your buttocks and injecting the fat under the skin of the penis. Maybe this sounds good but your penis will have a strange shape.

Quit Smoking

Erection depends on the amount of blood in the organ. If the penis is less blood, then the size of the penis will be small. If you smoke, this can make the arteries narrow because the blood flow to the organ is limited. This makes the penis small.

Regular Sports

You need several exercises that can improve the health of your arteries. Penis training is not useful for you because there are many muscles of love that can cause stimulation to your penis. You can train the biceps to make your body excited. There are many muscle tissues that can be trained to get these stimuli.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Animal fats such as cheese and meat can increase cholesterol levels in your body and make the arteries narrow so that the blood flow to the penis becomes small. You can try to eat fruits and vegetables every day and reduce the portion of cheese or meat. Vegetables and fruits have antioxidants so that the arteries remain smooth and open.

Eliminate Pot Belly

Eating vegetables and fruits, reducing cheese and meat, and exercising can help you lose weight and this also helps your penis size to look bigger than before. The large stomach can make you disturbed. The base of the penis will not be seen because it is closed with a distended stomach. You have to remove fat in the stomach and you will see a bigger penis.

Relaxation and Meditation

The arteries are surrounded by muscle tissue and carry blood to the penis. If a man feels anxious, then this muscle will experience contractions and make the arteries become narrow so as to reduce blood flow in your penis. You must relax so that the muscles relax and the arteries open. This will make the blood flow smooth and your penis size can increase. Anxiety also keeps blood away from your body but blood will return to the center point when you relax.

Keep Warm

Your penis will shrink when you are in a cold place. You should take a warm bath to make your penis big. Warm water can increase the size and flow of blood in your penis. You should take a warm bath before having sex with your partner.

If you want a short way, then you can try the chicken ring. This is a ring that looks like a rubber donut. The rubber will encircle your erect penis and maintain the erection. You cannot expect a miracle because this ring has a temporary and simple effect.


Losing weight can make your penis look bigger but this is just an aesthetic problem. Loss of fat at the base of the abdomen can show a large penis because your penis will not be buried by the fat. The point is that your penis cannot be bigger than your potential. Male Extra is probably one of the pills, if not the only pills, in the market that can get you from what you have now to your very maximum potential (read Male Extra reviews by customers). But whatever you do, make sure that losing weight comes first.

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