Do Penis Pumps Work? What the Doctors Said…

When talking about penis enlargement, men must have been familiar with a penis pump. For those who do not familiar with a penis pump, commonly, there are types of men who are interested in using the penis pump. The first type is those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, the second type is those men who want to enlarge their penis size, and the third type is those men who require penile rehabilitation. The penis pump is also called negative pressure or vacuum erection devices. Now, of course, many penis pump manufacturers and distributors promise a longer and harder erection and also greatly satisfied sexual partners. However, some of you must have questions such as do penis pumps work? Does it increase your penis size? Can the pump fix your erection problem?

The Effectiveness of the Penis Pump

The first thing that comes in your mind when you want to buy the penis pump will be, do penis pumps work? The answer will be yes, the penis pump really works. However, there is one thing you should know, that is the success rate of the device depends on two factors. The first one is the user's expectations and goals and the second one is whether the user is willing to spend some of their time to learn how to use the penis pump correctly. To make you understand better, you need to know first about the purpose of the penis pump.

A penis pump is a kind of vacuum device which draws blood into your penis and makes your penis fully erect. This penis pump has a purpose which is to give a penile rigidity and a firm erection which can up to 30 minutes. The process of this penis pump is also quite frank. The penis pump is applied over the penis and the pumping mechanism is activated. Then, once your penis is erect, a tension ring is placed at the base of your penis to maintain the erection. This way, the penis pump will simulate a natural erection mechanically. The whole entire process will take only around 2 to 3 minutes.

Now, to answer your question, do penis pumps work, the answer is it depends. If you expect a longer and thicker penis and heightened sexual relations soon, the device will clearly disappoint you. On the other hand, if you want a strong and a sustained erection and you are willing to practice using the penis pump for a few times before your sexual activity, then the result will likely to be excellent and satisfying.

Yes No Maybe

The Penis Pump for Enlargement – Does It Work?

Now, after you know that the penis pump can answer the question do penis pumps work, you must have also wondering does the penis pump suitable for enlargement. Most men across the whole world always search for penis enlargement on their Internet. The reason is that the bigger the penis size the better the sex. Advertisements for pumps to enlarge your penis are everywhere, but does that really work? The answer is no. This is completely a myth. There is only a little evidence which supports the claim that penis pumps can really enlarge your penis beside the surgery. Yet, the cosmetic surgery for penis enlargement is not guaranteed and supported by any doctor or healthcare organization so it will be risky.

Then, how come some men believe that the penis pump can make their penis longer and larger? As we have stated before, the penis pump draws blood into your penis and will make it erect and larger in size but temporarily. The proper use of this medical grade penis pump usually will produce full penile engorgement. Most men who use this penis pump stated that their erections are firmer and larger than before they use the penis pump. So, the conclusion is that the penis pump indeed can make your penis larger and longer but it is only temporarily. Once you are done with your sexual activity, your penis will likely go back to the original size.

Can the Penis Pump Damage Your Penis?

There are clinical studies which support the use of vacuum therapy for the erectile dysfunction as both safe and effective. In fact, the medical grade penis pump is considered to be one of the most reliable erectile dysfunction treatments. The question is, does it really will not damage your penis? The penis pump will not give your penis permanent damage. It will only cause you a mild discomfort and temporary bruising on your penis. The reason why it is not going to damage your penis is that the penis pump is non-invasive, no drugs, and no surgical procedures required.

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