Breathing Techniques to Last Longer that NEVER FAIL

You might think that breathe in and breath out is the simple thin right? Not so fast. When you deal with exercise, then the art of breath in and breath on is slightly complicated than you might ever imagine. Should we inhaled throughout the nose and exhaled out through the mouth? And wait – what is the diaphragm really? Whether the aim is lifting, running or warrior posing easier, you can keep reading this information below to find out the best breathing techniques to place the maximum performance well-withing reach.

So, is there any breathing technique TIPS for exercise?

Breath Easily Based on Your Activity

Whether it's your time to hit the track, squat rack of turf, breathing is not the first thing that across in mind ( not falling in your face that prefers become a priority). However efficient and smooth breathing is important to bring the oxygen that your body’s need in order to perform function correctly. The right breathing also can help the athlete exercise longer with lesser effort, even can calm your mind as well. With a little bit of additional awareness – of course along with some exercises – which is a game might be just a few breaths away. These things are something that you can remember:


How you can breathe while you are running

Following the right running form, strategy along with tempo can be exciting enough, however, the runner work did not finish there. Huffing and starting to puff your way around the track will never bring you to the finish line. In fact, the research shows that the inappropriate breathing technique can disturb the speed and performance as well.

So, how you can do it right? – Although there is no the golden rule, there are many runners that feel more convenient to take one breath for each two-foot striker, it was said by Alison McConnell, as the breathing expert and writer of Breathe Strong Perform Better. It means that taking two steps (one for left and one for right) while breathing in and two steps when breathing out – it is also called as 2:2 rhythm. This is because the diaphragm and surrounded organs were all obeyed to the gravity movement. McConnell said that synchronized the breath along with the runny rhythm will keep organs from the unnecessary pressure inside the diaphragm that can prevent breathing (and make running become more uncomfortable).

How about the nose vs. Mouth debate: although there are several studies that compared the oral and nasal breathing, most of them used the smaller sample with the indefinite results somehow. It is better to breathe throughout mouth during exercise because this is the route with no resistance. When you are taking a breath through the nose during exercise, then it will make you breathe harder.

On the other hand, some experts also said that nose breathing has its own advantage, including of the increasing CO2 saturation inside your blood which created the more calming effect. Then breathing in throughout nose also can help to warm the air coming to the lungs and this thing might help you to minimize allergen intake. Therefore, you are able to test the airways, and you can check what feels right for you as well as your lungs.

Strength Training

How you can breathe while you get strength training

The aerobic activity was not the only exercise that can get the advantage of the form of good breathing. Everyone who hits the weight regularly might hear about the breath out when exertion or known as the effort phase from the exercise is the best way to go. This sounds logic as well, contracting the respiratory muscles can help you to hold the load during bringing heavier lifts while you are able to maintain the lumbar stability as well.

How can you do it right? – You are able to see the bench press as the example, breath out slowly and continue while you are pushing the bar, then you can breathe in at the tip of lift or when you just return. Keep in mind that once the barbell was pushed, the weight does not disappear. So, you have to ensure that keeping the core linked in order to protect your spine, this is also similar to preparing for the impact during performing contact sport.

If you feel doubt, then you do not forget to exhale. Holding your breath can increase the pressure inside your chest (which is great for stability), however holding it too long can prevent the blood return to the heart and increasing the blood pressure – of course, this is not something that you want.

High – Intensity Sports

How can you breathe during performing high – intensity sports?

If you prefer to take one of the team? When the linebacker with 250 pounds is run to your way, the running out is not the option, of course breathing easily is not easy as well. You should know that high- intensity sports could drain your breath away thanks to the challenging cardio components and the bombardment of kick, tackles, and hits.

How can you do it right? – The breathing muscles were an integral part of your core postural and stabilizing control systems. This also intuitively means that when anticipating an impact or load, this is better to take a breath deeply and then prepared for the core. Not only this makes us feel harder to knock over, however it also helps you to protect the spine as well.

Although there is no one best or correct way to take a breath in the playing field or while you are running, the breath must come from the diaphragm (which is the most efficient breathing muscle) – and not on the chests. Generally, the rib gave must enlarge in the 3D pattern, from the top to the bottom, from the back to the front and go to the sides.

You are also able to take the sigh from Kobe if you want it. You can take a breath deeper, smoother and more efficiently can provide athletes with the psychological effect against their competitors. It shows that the signs of fatigue will only help the spirit out another team.


How you breathe during Yoga performance

Getting into the savasana may be hard without using the breath as the main fuel. Luckily, there are two breathing methods which are so popular (or pranayama) to help you stay relax and receive power supply.
How can you do it right? For the sama vritti or the equal breathing, suitable for taking equal- length inhale to the same equal- length exhale. This is basic breathing style was said to calm your nervous system, healing your stress and lowering the blood pressure. To handle more rigorous Yoga such as vinyasa, Ashtanga, and power yoga, there is much yoga that relied on the ujjayi breath which is known as the victorious breath, just simply breath in and out through your nose, keeping the light contraction behind the throat. If you sound slightly like Darth Vader, then you perform it correctly.

However, there are several things that you cannot do: when it comes to the warrior IIIs, wheelbarrows and other hard poses, it is very common to hold your breath. You can consider as the sign of fatigue. Instead, you can take a rest to be focused again, take a breath and back to the pose anytime you are ready.

If you still short of breath? There is something like the strength training for your respiratory muscles which been proved can increase the performance in endurance and high – intensity sport. Even there is an app for that as well that can help athletes breath stronger and more efficient. Rid of the cigarettes, fixing the bad posture and keeping the allergies and asthma stay on the check are the best keys to get better breathing. Therefore, whether it was the first lap or even fourth quarter, keep ahead and let the breath try to maximize your potency for success. There is another thing that you can use to increase your lung capacity as well.

Here, several BREATHING EXERCISES that help you to increase the lung capacity

Your lung capacity is the total amount of air which your lungs can hold. Over the time, the lung capacity along with lung function will be decreased gradually as we aged after the middle 20s. There are several conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) could be significantly increased this kind of reductions in the lung functioning and capacity. It can cause you to feel difficult to breathe and lead to the shortness of breath.

Luckily, there is an exercise that can help to maintain and increase the lung capacity, make it easier to keep your lungs stay healthy and get your body with enough oxygen.

Diaphragmatic breathing

This Diaphragmatic breathing is also known as the belly breathing, employed the diaphragm that was supposed to do most of the heavy lifting when related to the breathing. It is very helpful for people with COPD because of the diaphragm was not effective for these persons and can be strengthened as well. It can be used when you feel rested. If you have COPD, you can ask your doctor in order to show how to use this exercise to get the best result for you.

According to the COPD Foundation, you can perform several things below to train your diaphragmatic breathing:

– Relaxing your shoulders, you can sit back or even lie down
– Place your one hand in your belly and another hand in your chest
– Breath in through your nose for two seconds, feel the air move to your belly and feel your stomach starts to move out. Your stomach should move faster than your chest
– Then breath out for two seconds through your pursed mouth while you are pressing your stomach
– Repeat these steps
Breathing with pursed- lips

Pursed- lips can help you to slow your breathing. This is decreasing the work of breathing by keeping your airways might open longer as well. Therefore this step helps to make lungs to function easier and increased the exchange of oxygen dan carbon dioxide. This breathing exercise is much easier for the beginner that the diaphragmatic breathing, and you can do it in your home even if no one can show you on how to do it. It can be practiced anytime.

To practice this pursed- lips breathing, you can follow these easy steps:

– Breath in slowly through your nose
– Start to purse your lips as if you pouting or blowing something
– Exhale as slowly as possible throughout your pursed- lips. It will take a time at least twice longer to inhale
– You can repeat these steps

Rib Stretch

This exercise is very easy to practice and can be done by anyone. It runs by holding as much as the air inside your lungs for as long as you can. It helps you to increase the lung capacity and function when you tried at least once in a day.

In order to use this practice, follow these steps:

– Stand out with the back arched position
– Breath out all of the oxygen inside your lungs
– Breath in slowly, then fill up your lungs as much as you can
– Hold your breath for at least ten seconds
– Slowly breath out

Numbered Breathing Method

This breathing exercise is bringing benefits for anyone who wants to increase their lung capacities. The numbered breathing method emphasized you to breathe in and out into the counting pattern.
Follow these steps:

– Stand up and start to take a deep breath while closing your eyes
– Push all of the air from your lung when you are trying to breath out
– When you take a breath again, you can imagine the number 1
– Then hold your breath for one second, then you can breath out
– Breath in when you imagine the number 2 and breath out after holding your breaths until reach the count of 3
– Then you can continue this exercise until you reach number 8

How to Keep Your Lungs Stay Healthy?

The prevention is always the best medicine, and keeping your lungs stay healthy is more efficient than you just try to repair them after making them go wrong. To help to keep your lungs healthy, then you can do the following:

– It is always better if you can stop smoking and avoid becoming a secondhand smoker or the irritants of
– environment
– You can eat rich antioxidant foods
– You can get some vaccinations such as the flu vaccine or the pneumonia vaccine. These things help you to prevent the lung infections and distribute the lung health
– Get more exercise frequently that can help your lungs function correctly
– Increasing the quality of indoor air. You can use several tools such as indoor air filters and decrease the pollutants such as fragrances, dust, mold and more.

How Can Breathing Help You to Improve Your Health?

The fact that most people do not think twice about their breathing can mean that you might lose something that brings a big effect on many different aspects of your health and wellbeing. There are several ways to use different breathing techniques to improve your physical health and state of mind as well.

Breathing techniques to increase your energy

If you were used to heading straight to reach the coffee cup every morning, then you can do this tips. You can try the stimulating breath technique is the way for free- caffeine in order to give your body and mind with a little bit of boost. This is also a traditional breathing exercise which been used in Yoga and stimulate the diaphragm. It also is known as the “Bellows Breath” can give a sign to your body become more alert. It was described as having the ability to energize the body and clarify the mind.

Here is how to do it – you just simply sit up tall and start to relax your body. Closed your mouth and inhale rapidly throughout your nose quickly and get short breaths (which is you can exhale quickly). Try this treatment for ten seconds.

Breathing techniques for your relaxation

There are many sources told you with million ways in order to find peace through your breathing – this is enough to make you more stress. Actually, breathing can help you to heal your stress. Here’s how. While there are many of use out take place in front of the television at night to get relaxation, we were not actually combating stress, so you can do these steps:

– Smile with your mouth and eyes, then released the tension from your shoulders.
– Then you can imagine holes in your soles. When you inhale deeply, imagine that the warm air flowing in these holes and move up slowly in your feet, throughout your stomach and fill up your lungs
– Relaxing your muscles as the warm air moving inside your body

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