3 EASY Penis Enlargement Exercises PROVEN to Bring Results

This article you are about to read will discuss many things regarding on an increase of male sexual organ size that every man might want to know, and at the end of the article, you will find a list of 3 easy penis enlargement exercises proven to bring results. But before that, actually, what is the exact definition of penis enlargement and why do men really want to increase the size of their manhood? Don’t worry, this article will cover every single one of your curiosity, be sure not to miss this one up!

How Male Sexual Organ Works

According to what biological expert study, the sexual organ which human male owns consists of four components inside it, the penis, the testicles, the seminal vesicles, and the prostate gland. The first part, the penis has a spongy body which is used as the part where it has the ability to erect and a channel can be found inside which is called as the urethra, the part where the urine and the sperm is flushed out of the body. So, how do penis enlargement exercises affect the size of the male sexual organ? Well, first, you will need to know the process of how a penis gets erect. Now, if we look at the inner part of the penis, there will be chambers of spongy tissue which consist of three chambers. The chambers absorb blood from the circulatory system which is distributed to the penis. The penis will get erected once the three chambers are entirely filled with blood and they have the limit of how much blood they can contain.

If you apply the penis enlargement exercises to the penis, an expansion will happen to the three chambers, making them to be able to absorb more amounts of blood from the circulatory system, giving an addition for the overall size of the male sexual organ and also providing an increase of erection strength due the amount of the blood pumped inside the penis. The purpose of penis enlargement exercises is to add the size of the penis as well as increasing the erection strength by stretching the tissues around the penis which are in charge of the penis erection, and gradually, the stretching and the increase of strength will lead to a bigger growth of the tissues found around the male sexual organ.

There is one basic principle that any part of body enhancement exercises share in common, which is the ability of the human body to adapt so it can respond to any stimulation it receives. It is also a common knowledge that most people are aware of, that working out at the gym regularly will provide a triggering effect that will cause the muscles to grow in order to sustain the stimulation. In a penis enlargement exercise, such exercise is then applied to the penis and the body will respond by producing the cells in the penis tissue and increasing the overall the size of the male sexual organ so that it has the ability to allow itself to keep up with the new situation the penis encountered. Gradually, the penis will get bigger and bigger and you will definitely get the result you wanted as long as you are prepared for a long term exercise, because every exercise requires a considerable amount of time in order to have an effect to any part of human body, including the penis, and keep in mind that there is no shortcut in this.

People Who Need Penis Enlargement Exercises

If most guys are brave enough to state their mind honestly, then they surely will state that they wish their penis could be bigger than it currently is. However, it turns out that most of the men who wished for an increase in the size of their penis actually possess a normal-sized penis which requires no further boost in size. So, penis enlargement exercises are, to be fair, more recommended to men which their penis has an incredibly small size, which is medically known as a condition known as micropenis. Micropenis is a condition where an erected penis has only a length of five inches (12.7 cm) or even shorter. So, in order to make sure whether you need an exercise to gain an increase in your penis size or not, you should measure the size of your sexual organ correctly. According to medical surveys which utilized various measuring method, the average length of the human male sexual organ is 9 to10 cm when not erected and 14 to 16 cm when the penis is on a full erection.

Although it is already stated that penis enlargement exercises are more recommended to men who suffer from micropenis, it does not mean that men with normal penis size are forbidden to apply those kinds of exercises if they wish for a bigger penis and a boost in confidence that they would get from satisfying their partner’s sexual desire. As long as you are determined and don’t mind about hard work, and then you will absolutely obtain the result you want by committing to do penis enlargement exercises.

What to Consider Before Committing Penis Enlargement Exercises

Before you are sure that you need to increase the size of your penis and you want to do an exercise to increase its size, or one of the 3 easy penis enlargement exercises proven to bring results, it is advised that you contact and consult to urologists in order to receive reliable advice regarding medical matters related to an exercise you are about to commit so it is surely would not bring any harm to your overall health, especially if you are one of the people who suffer from certain diseases which related to blood and oxygen flow to the male sexual organ and the cellular regeneration. You will also need to refrain from trying any penis enlargement exercises if you have diseases such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and also respiratory diseases. According to medical evaluations, people who suffer from the diseases mentioned earlier are almost always receiving harmful effects when they try to do penis enlargement exercises anyways.

There are several things you will have to do before exercising your male sexual organ, which are :

1. shave the pubic hair entirely so that you would not have to worry your hair getting pulled when doing the exercise,

2. drink a large amount of water and consume foods that contain hefty amounts of minerals, protein, and vitamins because you will need those to boost your exercise and the results,

3. maintain a good mood in order to keep you optimized to stay committed and receive the maximum result,

4. apply a moisturizer when exercising but avoid using soap or shampoo since they cause the skin of your penis to be irritated and turning red,

5. measure the length and the diameter of your penis correctly when it is both flaccid and erected.

The exercises you are looking for

So, is reading the half of this article and some tips regarding penis enlargement instead of the exact exercises themselves makes your patience run dry? Don’t worry; you will not have to wait any longer because this is the part where we put the list of 3 easy penis enlargement exercises proven to bring results! Your patience will surely be greatly compensated and you will not regret reading this article to the end. Now, feel free to read this section and grab all of the benefits available after you try one of the exercises below!

#1 – Kegel Exercise or the Pubococcygeus (PC) Flex Exercise

Perhaps you’ve more commonly heard that kegel is an exercise which is more for a way to increase the overall health of women, but only few people that actually understand that it is also beneficial to give an increase in the size of the male sexual organ by improving the quality of the flow of the blood and eventually, the quality of the erection of your penis. The steps in doing the exercise are listed below.

1. Locate the location of your PC muscle by a method which involves an attempt to the flow of your urine in a natural way, located from the pubic bone to the coccyx, a muscle which is used to maintain control of your urinary activity.
2. Contract the muscle gently once it is accurately located by you.
3. Hold the contraction on your PC muscle for five seconds, then release it and relax for two seconds.
4. Repeatedly do the contraction, the hold, and the release for multiple times, which are two or four times until you are finished.
5. The exercise averagely consumes an amount of a time of about 20 to 30 minutes, no need to do it longer than advised.

At first, the amount of time mentioned earlier is what you have to do. But as the time grows, you might want to increase the time you have to do every day and every session. In the end, you will ultimately gain the ability to feel the muscle naturally as well as the ability to control it. If you do it regularly, the exercise will result in a boost of quality of the erection of your male sexual organ since your body is able to flow more amount of blood to your penis. This workout can be done anytime and anywhere if you have the time and space appropriate to do it. Aside from a stronger erection, this exercise also provides you with prevention against impotence and urinary incontinence, boosting the prostate gland’s activity, and better control of orgasm which can prevent you from early ejaculation!

#2 – Wet Jelqing

Jelqing is an ancient old technique, recorded since the medieval Middle East or even earlier, which is a massaging technique that stretches the male sexual organ and improves the flow of blood to it and to increase the size of your penis. If done right, this exercise will give you a pleasant result and bring no harm to your sexual organ. The wet jelqing is a variation of jelqing which adds the use of lubrication in order to ease the process.

1. Make sure that your penis is on a state of between flaccid and erected (half erected or ¾ of your erection).
2. Apply lubricant on both your hand and the body of your penis properly (it is advised to use oil-based lube).
3. Grab your penis with your right hand and grab it between your thumb and index finger, make an OK gesture with these fingers and your penis between them.
4. Position your grip as near as possible to your pubic bone in order to avoid you from getting an unwanted deformity.
5. Trap the blood flowing through your penis without pain by slowly tightening your grip.
6. Gently slide your hand and scrub your penis from the shaft to the gland and apply a considerable amount of pressure to push blood to your penis.
7. Right before you reach your gland, stop your sliding activity, and this is the part where you have finished one-time jelqing.
8. Use your other hand to make the OK grab to the base of your sexual organ while still maintaining the first hand as well.
9. Put it as close as possible to the pubic bone again.
10. Release the grip near of your gland that is done by your first hand.
11. Turn back to the step number 5 and repeat the process multiple times as you desire.
12. Keep in mind that you will need to take a rest if you feel exhausted.

The exercise usually last for one minute or more, depending on your ability. If you are a beginner in doing this exercise, then you should take a rather low amount of repetitions per session, then gradually you may start to put an increase to the amount. Also, it is already mentioned that you have to put your penis between flaccid and erected. This is an absolute mandatory because if you do jelqing when your penis is totally flaccid, then you will gain no effect. On the other hand, jelqing, when your penis is totally erected, will cause your penis to suffer from soft tissue and nerve damage, so pay attention to the state of your penis carefully!

#3 – Ultimate Length Stretcher

The next occupant of the list of 3 easy penis enlargement exercises proven to bring results is a variation of the penis stretching exercise. It is an exercise which involves a stretching activity which is done by your hand and on your sexual organ, and it gives you an increase in the length of your penis. Please note that any kinds of stretching technique are only to be done when the penis is not erected at all. Now, let’s head to the steps.

1. Begin the exercise by warming up your flaccid penis (it is impossible to do it on an erected penis, though).
2. If you are uncircumcised, draw your foreskin and grab the part of your penis at one inch behind the gland (simply grab the part behind your gland if you are circumcised).
3. Pull it outwards gently, you will feel no pain if your penis is properly flaccid.
4. Firmly hold that position for about 20 to 30 seconds, depending on how long you want to.
5. Take a break for five seconds if you feel that you really need it.
6. Go back to step two and continue to do the method to step three but there is an addition that you need to pull your sexual organ to the direction of your belly button.
7. Do the steps again, but now draw it to the direction of your knees.
8. Repeat the process once more but now you will have to draw it to the direction of your right side.
9. Do it again but now pull it to the opposite direction, which is to the left of your side.
10. Now, relax and have a proper rest when you reach a cool down phase.

It is to be noted that you don’t need to apply any kind of lubricant to do this exercise, unlike the jelqing method mentioned before this exercise. On the contrary, you will have to make sure that your penis is as dry as possible in order to maintain a proper and tight grip around your penis.

While you are doing the stretching exercise, you will have to sit down or stand so you can do it properly and gain the maximum result. Also, limit your attempt of this exercise only once or twice per day in order to avoid yourself from suffering from any unwanted injury that you will surely hate. But, if you really want to do it more frequently, it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor first so you can gain more information necessary. You can also use stretching devices to assist with your exercise! Well, those are the list of 3 easy penis enlargement exercises proven to bring results!

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