15 Proven Supplements to Increase Testicle Size – Are you in?

The hectic schedule and the lack of daily nutrition often give you some health problems like fatigue and exhaustion. The worse things about those things are that it may generate some other problems including them that are related to the sexual matters.

Particularly for men, of course, it is annoying and quite embarrassing. Well, it is not bad then if you consume some supplements that can improve your vitality and sexual performance. The supplements are basically substances widely contained in nature. They are in the form of herbs and maybe some parts of animals’ body.

But if you think consuming them naturally is too troublesome, you can go and find them in the drugstores. It is much simpler and more practical although being aware is needed to make sure that the products you buy are indeed qualified and able to work well.

Whatever the products, make sure that they contain some supplements or the nutrition elements below. They are not only to boost the libido and testosterone; you can even use them to enlarge your testicle naturally.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is a kind of natural amino acid that is basically functioned to boost the testosterone level. This acid can be consumed whether you are in a healthy condition or having certain problems like low desire and premature ejaculation.

Uniquely, based on various research conducted by the experts, this acid is also clinically proven to enlarge the penis and testicle’s size if you consume it regularly. Here is the reason; D-Aspartic acid is able to smooth the bloodstream and body metabolism in general.

When the bloodstream and body metabolism are good, it is easier to improve the muscle. Finally, some organs including your penis can be enlarged as well. In term of testosterone production, the acid is also considered effective in improving the luteinizing hormone that boosts the testosterone production. Well, even the sperm can be doubly produced if you use this acid regularly.

Vitamin D

Almost all living creatures need this vitamin. On the human, this vitamin is actually naturally produced by the skin particularly when it is exposed by the morning sunlight. This vitamin is used as the natural steroid hormone in the body.

The term steroid must be familiar enough particularly if you are related to or have read all things about the bodybuilders. Yes, the steroid is beneficial to form the muscle so that your body can just look more athletic. This is also very good to improve the mass in the area of penis and testicles. So, it is necessary to recommend this vitamin if you want to enlarge the penis and testicle size.

More than that, vitamin D also still has some other functions related to the reproduction system. It is able to improve your testosterone, increase the libido, increase the stamina, and solve some problems like premature ejaculation and symptoms of prostate disorders.

Make sure to consume foods that have high levels of vitamin D like eggs, milk, fish, mushrooms, and some kinds of fruits, grains, and vegetables.


DHEA stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone, a sort of hormone naturally produced by our body. It has many functions related to the human reproduction system. In the male, DHEA is important to boost the production of testosterone. While in the female, it controls the estrogen level and helps the women during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this hormone is not produced in a high level particularly in the male. Therefore, supplements from the outside need to be consumed so that the needs of DHEA can be fulfilled. In fact, additional DHEA hormone can just solve some sexual problems as well as improve your performance.

Well, maybe, boosting testosterone only is not enough for you. It is mainly if you want to enlarge your penis and testicle’s size visible. It is very good for you since this hormone plays an important role in this matter also.

Just consume this supplement in a right amount. Based on some studies conducted, it is found that around 50-100 mg of DHEA consumed per day is able to add the size up to 20%. This result can be seen after only a week. Sure, the results can also be different from one individual to the others.


People in general also need this substance for the sake of their health and body metabolism. Zinc is basically a kind of essential mineral needed in over 100 processes within the body. Interestingly, the sexual process needs this substance as well.

Here are some problems that can be solved by consuming enough zinc in term of sexuality and the reproduction system. First, it improves the testosterone production. It is whether for the patients with the low testosterone problems or them in which the conditions are actually normal. However, in normal men, the improvement of testosterone is not really significant.

Second, some studies also show that zinc helps the infertile men to recover. It increases the production of sperm and it can even come out twice more than usual.

Third, the more consumption of foods containing zinc is also proven to improve the size of outer make organs including the penis and testicles. It is due to the ability of the zinc to improve the bloodstream and performance. It works similar to the steroid that can improve the muscle as well strengthen it.


The reason why eggs and milk are recommended for the penis and testicle enlargement is not only about the vitamin D. Those foods also have a high level of protein. Even the benefit level of the protein is up to 100%. It means that the benefits regarding the sexual organs are also available there.

In general, here are some benefits of protein. First, it is needed in the formation of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Second, it is important to build up, strengthen, and recover or replace the damaged cells within the body. Third, you also need protein to boost the performance of the hormone. The hormone can be much better to send the messages as well as coordinate the functions of organs and cells in the body.

Sure, there are still many other benefits of protein that cannot be mentioned one by one. Interestingly, almost all of those benefits work also in the reproduction system. Protein is needed in the muscle, bone, and cartilage formation in the penis and testicle. That’s why; the size can be enlarged by more protein consumption.

Meanwhile, this substance also is also recommended for the men with sexual problems for its ability to recover the damaged cells. Then, it improves the hormone performances including testosterone. So, make sure that the protein necessities are fulfilled daily.

Vitamin B-Complex

Vitamin B-Complex refers to all important vitamins that are soluble in the water except vitamin C. It includes thiamine, B2, B3, pentatonic acid, B6, biotin, folic acid and colabamins (B12).

Each of those vitamins actually has their own structures and functions. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and biotin play important roles in producing energy. Vitamin B6 is to improve the amino acid metabolism. Next, Vitamin B13 and the folic acid are for the cell separations. Sure, there are still numerous benefits you can find from vitamin B-Complex, aside from those that have been mentioned before.

As a note, the vitamins work for most parts of your body. Sure, it is including your reproduction organs. The results of enough consumptions of vitamin B-complex are satisfying. Despite it heals some diseases like prostate and even cancer; you can also use it to enlarge the size.

There are many foods around us that are known as the sources of vitamin B-Complex. They can be found in the nuts, meat, egg, milk, fishes, whole grain, and many others. So, it is actually a simple thing if you want to make your penis and testicle bigger, it is by making the consumption of foods with nutrition as the daily habit. The results may not be seen instantly, but it must be enlarged later, even without any side effects.

15 Proven Supplements to Increase Testicle Size – Are you in?

Ethanol Compound

Ethanol is naturally sourced from herbs like ginseng, pasak bumi, and still many others. This compound, when it is consumed by your body in the appropriate dosage, there are many benefits that can be given. This is a good anti-cancer as well as the substance is prospective to fight against the HIV virus.

But in the world of sexuality, Ethanol has many other benefits that seem greater than all of them. It is to stimulate your sexual desire. That’s why; the sources of ethanol are often added in the male supplements to improve their performance on the bed.

This substance is also good to smooth the bloodstream; this is a reason why ethanol is recommended to enlarge the male vital organs. However, you should not buy the pure ethanol and then consume it for such a reason. The compound must also be in the right media so that you can consume it safely. Well, ginseng and other herbs are the best answers for this.


Although antioxidant doesn’t directly give effects to your testicle size, this substance is still worth to be included here. In general, the antioxidant is functioned to fight against the toxin and free radicals that may expose you from foods and environments. With enough antioxidant consumption, it is expected that your body works well and you can just be in a better and healthier condition.

Many kinds of nutrition cannot be absorbed well when your immune system is weak. The worse things are they cannot win in attacking the bad virus, bacteria, and germs. So, your dreams to be perfectly healthy including your penis and testicle being bigger cannot be simply reached in this case.

Based on this fact, make sure to add more vegetables and fruits to your daily menu. Those ingredients are known to have a very high level of antioxidant that can boost your body’s conditions and performance.
In relation to your sexual organs and performances, of course, antioxidant plays many important roles also. It helps your body to absorb the nutrition well including them that can enlarge the size and improve the testosterone production.

The term supplements are not only in the form of the nutrition elements. They can also in the form of herbs and any other ingredients that are proven to improve your testicle enlargement and sexual improvement. When you buy the manufactured supplements in the drugstores, make sure that they also have at least one or two of the following herbs in the composition. So, what are they?

Horny Goat Weed

Even the name is really hot indeed. Yes, the weed naturally comes from Brazil and it can also be found in other areas with the tropical climate. In general, this weed is known for centuries to be able to improve the stamina and vitality, particularly on men. Although this herb is specifically for men, the women can actually consume it with limitation if they want to have better sexuality and immune system.

Interestingly, aside from being able to increase the testosterone level, you can also use it to enlarge your penis and testicle size. This herb is considered as effective to do so although the results may be different from to another. Other benefits are to smooth the blood circulation and help you prevent diseases like hypertension and cholesterol.

Tongkat Ali Root

This is another ancient potion for male stamina. The root is actually more recommended for you who have certain sexual problems like premature ejaculation and low libido. But even if you are in a normal condition without any problem, you can also consume it to improve your sexuality. One of them is to add the size of the testicle and penis.

However, you should consume it in a right amount for the best result. Make sure to consult it to the expert for the right dosage. This herb is actually very common to be found in a packaged male multivitamin. So, if you are worried about consuming the wrong one, just go to a certain product.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is another herb which is in general used to improve the stamina and immune system. This is naturally found in the areas of eastern Asia like China, Korea, and Japan. But actually, you can also find it all around the world although the amount is limited.

So, is it good for enlarging the testicle also? The answer is yes. Just consume this extract daily depending on your needs. Less dosage often works well if all you need is just to improve the size and stamina. Meanwhile, you may need it more for solving problems like premature ejaculation and unable to erect well.

Nettle Root

The main function of the nettle root is to improve the energy entirely. But specifically, it is very good to improve your testosterone hormone and libido.

Although the results are probably not as visible as the other herbs mentioned above, this root is also beneficial for the size problem. You can consume the extract of nettle root without any other additional substances. But for the more maximum results, you can choose a product that has this root and also some other herbs and substances proven to enlarge the testicle size.


Commonly, ginger is only known as a herb for healing your fever and stomachache. In fact, ginger as more than that. It contains various chemical compounds that are beneficial for human’s body including improving the sexuality.

Uniquely, ginger also has around 2, 72% of Atsiri oil and this is very useful to smooth the bloodstream as well as solve problems like hypertension. Despite the ginger can be brewed for beverage, you can also smear the pulverized ginger on your penis and testicle to enlarge the size. Apply it regularly and the results can be seen only in a few weeks or even some days.

Green Tea

Although there are still few clinical researches about the benefit of green tea towards the testicle size, some people just prove it and then satisfy. Yes, you can just brew it as usual. Its antioxidant content tends to boost the sexual performance as well as help the nutrient to enlarge the testicle to absorb. Meanwhile, make sure not to waste the residue. Use it again on your vital organs.

Continue this process like twice a day and you can just see the results in the near future. Although this ingredient is not as famous as the others mentioned above for improving the reproduction system, you indeed need to try it. Moreover, green tea is really easy to be found around.

Olive Oil Extract

In some services of vital organ therapies and massages, olive oil is often used to massage your penis and testicle to make it bigger and work better. Sure, you can actually try it by yourself at home.
What you need to prepare is easy; just natural olive oil packaged for body massage and beauty, not for cooking. All you need to do next is just massaging the penis and testicle by yourself around 5 minutes a day. It is not bad to search for the ways of massaging properly. The results may be better this way.

Besides, the extract of olive oil can be consumed also. Despite it maintains your health in general, the content is also important for the sexual health and performance. The extract is able to increase the testicle size if you consume it regularly.

That's all, folks!

Those are 15 supplements that actually can increase your testicle size –and you have to be very aggressive about it. Meaning, you can't only take one or two kinds and expect results. At the very least, you need about 10-12 of the aforementioned supplements to see some real change. So go crazy about it!

Of course, if you prefer to take a combo-blend that is so complete it will have the full-blown effect before you know it, you can always go with something like MaleExtra. It's my way to do it –“lazy way”, you may call, and I got results from it. You can read everything others and I personally experienced from taking MaleExtra, right on the following page: Male Extra reviews by customers.

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